Great Spotted Kiwi / Apteryx haastii

Great Spotted Kiwi / Apteryx haastii

Great Spotted Kiwi

SCI Name:  Apteryx haastii
Protonym:  Apteryx Haastii Trans.N.Z.Inst. 4 p.204
Taxonomy:  Apterygiformes / Apterygidae /
Taxonomy Code:  grskiw1
Type Locality:  Okarita, South Island.
Publish Year:  1872
IUCN Status:  


(Apterygidae; Ϯ Brown Kiwi A. australis) Gr. negative prefix α- a- ; πτερυξ pterux, πτερυγος pterugos  wing (cf. απτερυγος apterugos  without wings); "APTERYX AUSTRALIS  ...  Alæ rudimenta tantum, monodactyla, subuncialia, unguiculo terminali.  ...  SOUTHERN APTERYX  ...  Wings rudiments only, consisting of a single joint or finger, about an inch in length, and terminated by a small claw or spur  ...  This curious bird is a native of New Zealand" (Shaw 1813); "Apteryx Shaw, Nat. Miscell., 24, 1813, pl. 1057, 1058. Type, by monotypy, Apteryx australis Shaw." (Peters, 1931, I, p. 11).
Var. Apterix, Apternyx.
Synon. Kiwi, Stictapteryx.

haasti / haastii
Dr Sir John Francis Julius von Haast (1824-1887) New Zealand geologist, explorer (Apteryx, ‡syn. Euryapteryx curtus, ‡syn. Megalapteryx didinus, ‡syn. Sceloglaux albifacies, syn. Xenicus gilviventris).