Green-headed Hillstar / Oreotrochilus stolzmanni

Green-headed Hillstar / Oreotrochilus stolzmanni

Green-headed Hillstar

SCI Name:  Oreotrochilus stolzmanni
Protonym:  Oreotrochilus stolzmanni Novit.Zool. 2 p.17
Taxonomy:  Caprimulgiformes / Trochilidae /
Taxonomy Code:  andhil2
Type Locality:  Huamachuco, 10400 feet and near Cajamarca, 10000 and 12000 feet, Peru.
Publish Year:  1895
IUCN Status:  


(Trochilidae; Ϯ Andean Hillstar O. estella) Gr. ορος oros, ορεος oreos  mountain (i.e. Bolivian Andes) ; genus Trochilus Linnaeus, 1758, hummingbird; "Genus OREOTROCHILUS, n. g.  Rostrum capite longius, subcylindricum, apulo incurvum.  Alæ subgrandes valentes.  Cauda magna, rotundata, rectricibus attenuatis, submucronatis, rigidis.  Pedes fortes.  Digitus et unguis postici digito et ungui mediis longitudine æquales.  Tarsi plumis vestiti.  Gula luminosa infra torquata.   ...  I propose this term as a generic appellation for a section of the Trochilidæ, which has hitherto only been found immediately beneath the line of perpetual congelation, where they feed upon the insects which resort to the newly expanded flowers.  The type is  Sp. 1. OREOTROCHILUS ESTELLA.  Orthorhynchus Estella, D'Orb. Voy. Am. Birds, pl. 6. fig.1.  ...  O. Ceciliæ, Less. Rev. Zool. 1839, p. 43.    Sp. 2. OREOTROCHILUS LEUCOPLEURUS, sp. nov.   ...   Sp. 3. OREOTROCHILUS CHIMBORAZO.  T. Chimborazo, Bourc. in Rev. Zool. Sept. 1846, p. 305.    Sp. 4. OREOTROCHILUS ADELA.  Orthorhynchus Adela, D'Orb. Voy. Am. Birds, pl. 61. fig. 2   ...   Sp. 5. OREOTROCHILUS MELANOGASTER, sp. nov." (Gould 1847).
Var. Orotrochilus ("OROTROCHILUS  ...  Da Oreotrochilus als sechssylbiges Wort nicht anwendbar, verkürzen wir dasselbe Analogie von οροσπιζης u. a. in Orotrochilus." (Cabanis & Heine 1860)), Oriotrochilus.   
Synon. Alcidius, Gnaphocercus.

Jan Stanisław Sztolcman (1854-1928) Polish zoologist, collector in tropical America 1875-1881, 1882-1884, and Sudan 1901, Director of the Branicki Zoological Mus., Warsaw 1887, Vice-Director of Polish State Mus. of Nat. History, Warsaw 1919, conservationist (e.g. he initiated the European Bison protection programme). His surname was more frequently written Stolzmann (syn. Colaptes rupicola cinereicapillus, syn. Elaenia obscura, HabiaOreotrochilus, Rhynchospiza, Tachycineta, Tyranneutes, Urothraupis).