Green Tinkerbird / Pogoniulus simplex

Green Tinkerbird / Pogoniulus simplex

Green Tinkerbird

SCI Name:  Pogoniulus simplex
Protonym:  Barbatula simplex J.Orn. 32 p.180
Taxonomy:  Piciformes / Lybiidae /
Taxonomy Code:  gretin2
Type Locality:  Massailand =. Pangani River, Tanganyika Territory, ex Vog. Afr., 2, 1903, p. 146.
Publish Year:  1884
IUCN Status:  


(Lybiidae; Ϯ Red-fronted Tinkerbird P. pusillus) Dim. < genus Pogonias Illiger, 1811, barbet; "BARBION (Pogoniulus, Nob.) ayant pour type le Barbion de Levaillant (Bucco parvus Gmel.)" (de La Fresnaye 1843); "Pogoniulus Lafresnaye, Dict. Univ. Hist. Nat., 2, 1844 (1842), p. 463. Type, by original designation, Barbion de Levaillant (Bucco parvus Gmel.) [i.e. Bucco parvus auct., not of Gmelin] = Bucco pusillus Dumont.2   ...   2 Bucco nanus Boddaert, 1783, and Bucco parvus Gmelin, 1788, are based chiefly on the "Barbu du Sénégal" of Daubenton, Pl. enlum. no. 746, f. 1.  I am unable to reocognize in Daubenton's figure any of the so-called African "tinker birds"; nor are either of the names based on his figure in current use." (Peters 1948, VI, 44).
Var. Pogoniolus.
Synon. Barbatula, Barbatulides, Lignobucco, Microbucco, Micropogonius, Viridibucco, Xylobucco.

L. simplex, simplicis  simple, plain.
● ex “Simple Tern” of Latham 1785 (Phaetusa ☼).