Huet’s Fulvetta / Alcippe hueti

Huet\'s Fulvetta / Alcippe hueti

Huet's Fulvetta

SCI Name:  Alcippe hueti
Protonym:  Alcippe Hueti Ann.Sci.Nat.Zool.(5), Tome XIX, Article n° 9 p. 4
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Leiothrichidae /
Taxonomy Code:  gycful5
Type Locality:  Fukien.
Publish Year:  1874
IUCN Status:  


(Leiotrichidae; Brown-cheeked Fulvetta A. poioicephala) Gr. myth. Alcippe, daughter of Aries or Mars the god of war, and who was ravished by a son of Poseidon (or, according to some sources, by Poseidon himself). She is perhaps the most famous of half a dozen women of this name in antiquity (including a countrywoman mentioned by Virgil, an attendant of Helen in Homer's epic, a sister-in-law to Cecrops, and a courtesan); "lastly, the T. poiocephala, Jerdon, I refer to an extensive Malayan group, exemplified by Malacopteron, Eyton, which is my Trichastoma, XI, 795, and is hereinafter subdivided, the species in question falling under my division Alcippe, p. 384.  ...   Alcippe, Nobis.  Has the bill much shorter than the head, approaching nearly in form to that of Leiothrix; in other respects resembling the foregoing; but the toes generally are small and proportionate.   1. A. cinerea? (Eyton).   ...   2. A. affinis; Trichastoma affine, Nobis, passim.   ...   3. A. poiocephala; Timalia poiocephala, Jerdon.   ...   4. A. atriceps; Brachypteryx atriceps, Jerdon.   ...   5. A. (?) sepiaria; Brachypteryx sepiaria, Horsfield.   ...   6. A. (?) bicolor; Brachypteryx bicolor, Lesson." (Blyth 1844); "Alcippe Blyth, 1844, Journ. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, 13, pp. 370, 384. Type, by original designation, Thimalia poioicephala Jerdon." (Deignan in Peters, 1964, X, p. 397); "Alcippe Blyth, 1844, Journ. Asiatic Soc. Bengal, XIII, p. 384.  Type, by subsequent designation (G. Gray, 1846, Genera Birds, I, p. 209), Trichastoma affine Blyth, 1842." (Laurent Raty in litt.; "So far as I can assess, if we want to use Alcippe in the way it is used now, a case should be submitted to the Commission asking that they change the type of the genus-group name to match current usage.  The alternative is to apply the Code, which means to do what Oberholser told us had to be done a century ago - and which was not done.") (see Alcippornis);  "FAMILY  ALCIPPEIDAE  ...  The position of Alcippe relative to Leiothrichidae and Pellorneidae is not unanimously supported and varies among studies  ...  Because the divergence between these three clades occurred early during the Miocene, however, Cai and colleagues suggested that the genus Alcippe, which is isolated in phylogenetic trees, should be placed in a monogeneric family." (Fjeldså, Christidis & Ericson (eds.) 2020).
Synon. Alcippornis, Proparus.

hueti / huetii
● Joseph Huët (1827-1903) French zoologist (subsp. Alcippe morrisonia).
● Nicolas Huët (1770-1830) French painter, bird illustrator (Touit).


Huet's Fulvetta (hueti)
SCI Name: Alcippe hueti hueti
hueti / huetii
● Joseph Huët (1827-1903) French zoologist (subsp. Alcippe morrisonia).
● Nicolas Huët (1770-1830) French painter, bird illustrator (Touit).

Huet's Fulvetta (rufescentior)
SCI Name: Alcippe hueti rufescentior
L. rufescentior, rufescentioris  more reddish  < comp. rufescens, rufescentis  reddish  < rufescere  to become reddish  < rufus  red, rufous.