Jackson’s Widowbird / Euplectes jacksoni

Jackson\'s Widowbird / Euplectes jacksoni

Jackson's Widowbird

SCI Name:  Euplectes jacksoni
Protonym:  Drepanoplectes jacksoni Ibis p.246 pl.5
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Ploceidae /
Taxonomy Code:  jacwid1
Type Locality:  Kikuyu.
Publish Year:  1891
IUCN Status:  


(Ploceidae; Ϯ Southern Red Bishop E. orix) Gr. ευ eu  fine, good; Mod. L. plectes  weaver  < Gr. πλεκω plekō  to plait; "DIVISIONS OR SUB-GENERA.  MALIMBUS. Vieil.  ...  PLOCEUS. Cuv.  ...  EUPLECTES. Nob.  Bill of Ploceus. Toes and claws very slender. The greater quills scarcely longer than the lesser; spurious quill very minute.  Type, Loxia Orix. L.  ...  The Weaving Birds, confined to the hotter regions of the old world, are chiefly found in Africa, where they represent the Hangnests (Icterinæ) of America: an analogy long since remarked by Buffon. Both these tribes astonish us by the consummate skill with which they fabricate their nests: but the intelligence displayed by the African Weavers is still more wonderful." (Swainson 1829); "Euplectes Swainson, Zool. Illustr. 2nd ser. i, text to pl. 37, 1929 [sic = 1829].  Type by original designation, Loxia orix Linn." (W. Sclater, 1930, Syst. Av. Aethiop., II, p. 759).
Var. Eupodes.
Synon. Boetticherella, Chera, Coliuspasser, Coliostruthus, Diatropura, Drepanoplectes, Groteiplectes, Hyperanthus, Niobe, Niobella, Oryx, Paraplectes, Penthetria, Penthetriopsis, Phlogoplectes, Pyromelana, Tachyplectes, Taha, Urobrachya, Xanthomelana.

jacksoni / jacksonii
● Sidney William Jackson (1873-1946) Australian oologist, taxidermist, collector and curator for H. L. White 1907-1927 (subsp. Atrichornis rufescens, syn. Eopsaltria chrysorrhos magnirostris, syn. Gerygone fusca).
● Sir Frederick John Jackson (1860-1929) English explorer, colonial administrator, Lt.-Gov. of East Africa Protectorate 1907-1911, Gov. of Uganda 1911-1917, naturalist, collector (subsp. Acrocephalus gracilirostris, Apalis, subsp. Aplopelia simplex, syn. Bathmocercus rufus vulpinus, subsp. Chlorophoneus bocagei, Cryptospiza, syn. Cuculus clamosus, Euplectes, syn. Illadopsis pyrrhoptera, syn. Mirafra poecilosterna, subsp. Nectarinia tacazze, subsp. Neotis denhami, subsp. Phoeniculus bollei, syn. Platysteira peltata mentalis, Ploceus, syn. Pogoniulus coryphaea hildamariae, subsp. Pogoniulus bilineatus, Pternistis, subsp. Sylvia lugens, subsp. Sylvietta whytii, Tockus, syn. Trachyphonus erythrocephalus versicolor, subsp. Zosterops senegalensis).
● C. Jackson (fl. 1829) English naturalist, collector (syn. Larus argentatus).
● Alfred Sloan Jackson (1901-1994) US teacher, biologist, pioneer gamebird field-researcher in Texas (syn. Vireo plumbeus).