Lesser Moorhen / Paragallinula angulata

Lesser Moorhen / Paragallinula angulata

Lesser Moorhen

SCI Name:  Paragallinula angulata
Protonym:  Gallinula angulata Oefv.Vet.-Akad.Forh. 7 p.110
Category:  Gruiformes / Rallidae /
Taxonomy Code:  lesmoo1
Type Locality:  Lower Caffraria, i.e. Natal, type from the Umlazi River.
Publish Year:  1850
IUCN Status:  


(Rallidae; Ϯ Lesser Moorhen P. angulata) Gr. παρα para  near, beside; L. gallinula  little hen, chicken (cf. genus Gallinula Brisson, 1760, moorhen; Late Med. L. gallinula  moorhen); "Paragallinula gen. nov.  ...  Etymology  The generic name is derived from the Greek para (beside) and the Latin gallinula (a little hen or chicken).  It denotes the resemblance of P. angulata to species of Gallinula but highlights that they are independent evolutionary lineages.  The gender of the name is feminine" (Sangster et al. 2015).  This genus was formerly included in Gallinula

L. angulatus  angular, cornered  < angulus  angle, corner.