Lewis’s Woodpecker / Melanerpes lewis

Lewis\'s Woodpecker / Melanerpes lewis

Lewis's Woodpecker

SCI Name:  Melanerpes lewis
Protonym:  Picus Lewis Gen.Birds 3 App. p.22
Category:  Piciformes / Picidae /
Taxonomy Code:  lewwoo
Type Locality:  
Publish Year:  1849
IUCN Status:  


(Picidae; Ϯ Red-headed Woodpecker M. erythrocephalus) Gr. μελας melas, μελανος melanos  black; ἑρπης herpēs  creeper  < ἑρπω herpō  to crawl; "1. MELANERPES ERYTHROCEPHALUS. (Sw.)  Red-headed Woodpecker.   GENUS, Melanerpes*, SWAINS.   Sub-genus, (Typical form) SWAINS.   ...   This Woodpecker, so well known in the United States for the havoc it commits in the orchards, ranges in summer from the northern shores of Lake Huron to the Gulf of Mexico.   ...   *Th. μελας, niger, et ερπο, repo" (Swainson 1832); "Melanerpes Swainson, Fauna Bor.-Am., 2, 1831 (1832), p. 316. Type, by monotypy, Picus erythrocephalus Linné." (Peters 1948, VI, 157).
Var. Melanoherpes, Malanerpes.
Synon. Asyndesmus, Balanosphyra, Cactocraugus, Centurus, Chryserpes, Colombpicus, Leuconerpes, Leucopicus, Linneopicus, Melampicos, Meropicus, Phymatoblepharus, Trichopicus, Trichopipo, Tripsurus, Zebrapicus.

lewis / lewisi / lewisii
● Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis (1895-1979) US scholar, bibliophile, collector of Walpoleana, Trustee of Yale University (subsp. Actinodura egertoni).
● Lewis I., Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia (syn. Gavicalis virescens forresti).
● John Spedan Lewis (1885-1963) British business magnate, founder of the John Lewis Partnership 1929, aviculturalist (subsp. Lophura lineatus).
● Capt. Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809) US Army, explorer, co-leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition which crossed America 1804-1806 to map and assess the potential of the Louisiana Purchase (Melanerpes).
● Dr T. H. Lewis (1854-1917) Royal Navy, surgeon, collector in the Pacific Ocean (subsp. Ptilinopus viridis).