Lunulated Antbird / Oneillornis lunulatus

Lunulated Antbird / Oneillornis lunulatus

Lunulated Antbird

SCI Name:  Oneillornis lunulatus
Protonym:  Pithys lunulata Proc.Zool.Soc.London Pt2 p.276 pl.26
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Thamnophilidae /
Taxonomy Code:  lunant2
Type Locality:  Sarayacu, Rio Ucayali, Peru.
Publish Year:  1873
IUCN Status:  


(Thamnophilidae; Ϯ Lunulated Antbird O. lunulatus) John Patton O'Neill (b. 1942) US ornithologist, field-worker, bird artist; Gr. ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "Oneillornis new genus   Type species. — Pithys lunulata Sclater and Salvin 1873.   ...   Etymology.— We are pleased to name this genus for our friend and colleague John Patton O'Neill, whose pioneering field work in South America led to the discovery of dozens of new avian species and helped propel the Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science into becoming one of the great ornithology collections in the world, whose paintings grace our lives and provide keys for field study, and, especially, whose intense love of ornithological exploration and appreciation for the value of museum specimens has been passed on to a multitude of students, one by one, for five decades.  The name Oneillornis is masculine in gender" (Isler et al. 2014).

lunulata / lunulatus
L. lunulatus  crescent-shaped, lunulate  < lunula  little moon  < dim. luna  moon.
● ex “Plastron Noir” of Levaillant 1803, pl. 123 (syn. Apalis thoracica).
● “PSITTACUS (lunulatus) viridis; collo postice maculis lunaribus, nigris” (Scopoli 1786); ex “Petite Perruche à collier de l’Île de Luçon, 3ème espèce” of Sonnerat 1776 (Bolbopsittacus).
● ex “Lunulated Thrush” of Latham 1801 (Zoothera).