McGregor’s Cuckooshrike / Malindangia mcgregori

McGregor\'s Cuckooshrike / Malindangia mcgregori

McGregor's Cuckooshrike

SCI Name:  Malindangia mcgregori
Protonym:  Malindangia mcgregori Philip.J.Sci. 2 p.355
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Campephagidae /
Taxonomy Code:  mcgcus1
Type Locality:  Mount Malindang, Mindanao.
Publish Year:  1907
IUCN Status:  


(Campephagidae; Ϯ McGregor's Cuckooshrike M. mcgregori) Mt. Malindang, Mindanao, Philippines; "Malindangia, new genus of Campophagidæ.  Type.— Malindangia mcgregori, sp.nov.   Characters. —  Wing and tail about equal; wing-feathers as in Edoliisoma   ...   In form and pattern the tail resembles that of Campochæra, but has the webs more pointed. Bill with culmen decidedly shorter than tarsus; narrower, at gape, than length of outer toe (without claw). Stiffened shafts of rump feathers very pronounced.   Malindangia mcgregori, sp. nov.  McGregor's cuckoo-shrike   ...   This species was abundant on Mount Malindang" (Mearns 1907).

Richard Crittenden MacGregor (1871-1936) Australian/US ornithologist, collector in California and Philippines (syn. Cacatua haematuropygia, syn. Cisticola juncidis tinnabulans, syn. Cyornis herioti, ‡subsp. Haemorhous mexicanus, Malindangia).