New Britain Bronzewing / Henicophaps foersteri

New Britain Bronzewing / Henicophaps foersteri

New Britain Bronzewing

SCI Name:  Henicophaps foersteri
Protonym:  Henicophaps foersteri Bull.Br.Orn.Club 19 p.28
Taxonomy:  Columbiformes / Columbidae /
Taxonomy Code:  nebbro1
Type Locality:  Massawa, New Britain.
Publish Year:  1906
IUCN Status:  


(Columbidae; Ϯ New Guinea Bronzewing H. albifrons) Gr. ἑνικος henikos  singular, unique; φαψ phaps, φαβος phabos  pigeon (cf. genus Chalcophaps Gould, 1854, dove); "HENICOPHAPS ALBIFRONS, G. R. Gr. (Pl. XLIV.)  Front white; fuscous-rufous black, tinged with glossy green, on the back and tertials; greater wing-coverts with golden-coppery gloss; abdomen grey fuscous; under tail-coverts rufous.  ... The bill is like that of Chalcophaps, but the apical portion occupies rather more than half its length; the basal part of culmen is flattened and rather broad.   Hab. Waigiou." (G. Gray 1862); "Henicophaps G. R. Gray, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1861 (1862), p. 432. Type, by monotypy, Henicophaps albifrons G. R. Gray." (Peters, 1937, III, p. 116).
Synon. Rhynchaenas.

Prof. Johann Friedrich Nepomuk Förster (1865-1918) German teacher, botanist, entomologist, collector (syn. Casuarius bennettiHenicophaps, Melidectes).