Northern Giant-Petrel / Macronectes halli

Northern Giant-Petrel / Macronectes halli

Northern Giant-Petrel

SCI Name:  Macronectes halli
Protonym:  Macronectes giganteus halli BirdsAustr.[Mathews] 2 p.187
Taxonomy:  Procellariiformes / Procellariidae /
Taxonomy Code:  norgip1
Type Locality:  Kerguelen.
Publish Year:  1912
IUCN Status:  


(Procellariidae; Ϯ Southern Giant Petrel M. giganteus) Gr. μακρος makros  great; νηκτης nēktēs  swimmer  < νηχω nēkhō  to swim; "The generic name Ossifraga, given by Hombron and Jacquinot (Comptes Rendus, XVIII, 1844, p. 356) to Procellaria gigantea Gmelin, is antedated by Ossifraga N. Wood (Analyst, II, 1835, p. 305; VI, 1837, p. 244), applied to a very different group of birds. As the Giant Fulmar is thus bereft of its generic name, that of Macronectes may be suggested as an equivalent." (Richmond 1905).
Synon. Ossifraga.

hallae / halli
● Beryl Patricia Hall née Woodhouse (1917-2010) English ornithologist, collector (subsp. Acrocephalus scirpaceus, subsp. Alophoixus ochraceus, syn. Anthus similis dewittei, subsp. Chamaetylas poliocephala, subsp. Cisticola fulvicapilla, syn. Eurillas virens, syn. Sheppardia bocagei chapini).
● Robert Hall (1867-1949) Australian ornithologist, President of the RAOU 1912-1913 (subsp. Aptenodytes patagonicus, subsp. Ceyx pusillus, Macronectes, subsp. Mirafra javanica, syn. Neophema splendida).
● Maj. Harold Wesley Hall (1888-1964) Australian marine researcher, philanthropist (Pomatostomus).