Olive-backed Quail-Dove / Leptotrygon veraguensis

Olive-backed Quail-Dove / Leptotrygon veraguensis

Olive-backed Quail-Dove

SCI Name:  Leptotrygon veraguensis
Protonym:  Geotrygon Veraguensis Ann.Lyc.Nat.Hist.N.Y. 8 p.349
Taxonomy:  Columbiformes / Columbidae /
Taxonomy Code:  obqdov1
Type Locality:  Veraguas, Panama.
Publish Year:  1866
IUCN Status:  


(Columbidae; Olive-backed Quail Dove L. veraguensis) Portmanteau of genera Leptotila Swainson, 1837, dove, and Geotrygon Gosse, 1847, quail dove; "In plumage and morphology, veraguensis differs so much from the relatively homogeneous Leptotila that we consider its merger into that genus as untenable.  This relationship necessitates the placement of this species in a distinct monotypic genus, for which no name is available.  We propose:  Leptotrygon, new genus   Type species. Geotrygon veraguensis Lawrence, 1866.  ...  Etymology. This feminine name is a combination of Leptotila and Geotrygon, to reflect concepts of the present and past relationship of the type and only species by emphasizing its phylogenetic association with Leptotila and its Geotrygon-like form and habits" (Banks et al. 2013); "Leptotrygon Banks, Weckstein, Remsen and Johnson, 2013, Zootaxa, 3669 (2), p. 185.  Type, by monotypy and original designation, Geotrygon veraguensis Lawrence, 1866." (JAJ 2020).
Var. Leptotyrgon.

veraguanensis / veraguensis
Veraguas Province, Panama.