Rufous-bellied Triller / Lalage aurea

Rufous-bellied Triller / Lalage aurea

Rufous-bellied Triller

SCI Name:  Lalage aurea
Protonym:  Ceblepyris aureus Pl.Col. livr.64 pl.382
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Campephagidae /
Taxonomy Code:  rubtri1
Type Locality:  Timor, error = Ternate; see Hartert, 1903, Novit. Zool., 10, p. 11.
Publish Year:  1825
IUCN Status:  


(Campephagidae; Ϯ Pied Triller L. nigra) Gr. λαλαξ lalax, λαλαγος lalagos or λαλαγες lalages  unidentified bird mentioned by Hesychius  < λαλαζω lalazō  to chirp or chirrup (cf. this name is also identified with a green tree frog); "IX. Fam.  Myiotheridae.   ...   Lalage: Turdus orientalis Gm. enl. 273 fig. 2. u. s. w." (Boie 1826); "Lalage Boie, 1826, Isis, col. 973. Type, by monotypy, Turdus orientalis Gmelin = Turdus niger Forster." (Mayr in Peters 1960, IX, 196).   
Synon. Acanthinotus, Coquus, Diaphoropterus, Erucivora, Karua, Oscarornis, Oxynotus, Perissolalage, Pseudolalage, Symmorphus.

L. aureus  golden  < aurum  gold.
● ex “Tui apute-juba” of Marcgrave 1648, “Golden-crowned Parrakeet” of Edwards 1758, and Latham 1781, “Psittaca brasiliensis” of Brisson 1760, and “Perruche couronnée d’or” of de Buffon 1770-1783 (Eupsittula).
● ex “Azurou” of Levaillant 1805, pl. 158 (unident.).