Rufous-crowned Antpitta / Pittasoma rufopileatum

Rufous-crowned Antpitta / Pittasoma rufopileatum

Rufous-crowned Antpitta

SCI Name:  Pittasoma rufopileatum
Protonym:  Pittasoma rufopileatum Novit.Zool. 8 p.370
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Conopophagidae /
Taxonomy Code:  rucant3
Type Locality:  Bulun, Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Col. pi., Nov. Zool., 9, 1902, pi. 8, fig. 1.
Publish Year:  1901
IUCN Status:  


(Conopophagidae; Ϯ Black-crowned Pittasoma P. michleri) Genus Pitta Vieillot, 1816, pitta; Gr. σωμα sōma, σωματος sōmatos  body; "Genus PITTASOMA, nobis.  General aspect of Conopophaga, Vieillot, but larger, and bearing about the same relation to that genus as Grallaria, Vieillot, does to Grallaricula, Sclater. Also resembling Pitta, Vieillot, but differing from all the genera here mentioned, except Conopophaga, in having the bill wide and depressed, not compressed.  Form robust, wings short, concave, rounded, fifth, sixth and seventh quills longest; tail very short; bill strong, wide at base and narrowing gradually, depressed, upper mandible notched near the tip, and with the culmen distinct, a few rudimentary bristles at base; nostrils oval, inserted in a large membrane; legs long, very strong, tarsus with about five large scales in front, which become nearly integral on the outside, and quite so behind; toes moderate; claws curved, sharp.    90. PITTASOMA MICHLERI, nobis.  ...  This is the most remarkable bird in the collection of the expedition, and is one of the most handsome of the Ant Thrushes, if indeed to that group it and the genus Conopophaga belong. Though with the general form and appearance of Pitta and Grallaria, this bird differs from them in having a very strong depressed and rather wide bill, not compressed as in those genera. In this respect, and other structural characters, it approximates to Conopophaga, and also in having more variegated and agreeable colors than in Grallaria. This bird is in fact, the most handsome bird of its group yet discovered in America.   ...   This handsome bird I have named in honor of the commanding officer of the expedition, Lieut. N. Michler, of the U.S. Topographical Engineers" (Cassin 1860). Until recently the pittasomas or gnatpittas were regarded as members of the Grallariidae.
Synon. Calobamon.

rufopileata / rufopileatum / rufopileatus
L. rufus rufous; pileatus capped < pileus cap.


Rufous-crowned Antpitta (rosenbergi)
SCI Name: Pittasoma rufopileatum rosenbergi
rosenbergi / rosenbergii
● William Frederick Henry Rosenberg (1868-1957) British natural history dealer, collector in tropical America (Amazilia, syn. Erythrothlypis salmoni, Nyctiphrynus, subsp. Pittasoma rufopileatum, subsp. Rhytipterna holerythra, subsp. Schiffornis veraepacis, syn. Sipia nigricauda, subsp. Xiphorhynchus susurrans).
● Carl Benjamin Hermann Freiherr von Rosenberg (1817-1888) German naturalist, surveyor, collector in the East Indies (Gymnocrex, syn. Mino anais orientalisMyzomela, Pitta, syn. Rhipidura threnothorax, Scolopax, Trichoglossus, Tyto).

Rufous-crowned Antpitta (harterti)
SCI Name: Pittasoma rufopileatum harterti
harterti / hartertiana / hartertianus
Ernst Johann Otto Hartert (1859-1933) German ornithologist, collector, Curator of Rothschild Mus., Tring (syn. Acestrura berlepschi, subsp. Acrocephalus australis, subsp. Alauda arvensis, syn. Aplonis opaca kurodai, subsp. Arses telescopthalmus, syn. Artamus leucoryn leucopygialis, AsthenesBatrachostomus, syn. Brachypteryx leucophrys carolinae, subsp. Burhinus oedicnemus, subsp. Buteo buteoCamaroptera, subsp. Campylorhynchus albobrunneus, syn. Certhia brachydactyla, subsp. Chalcites lucidus, syn. Chlorocichla simplex, subsp. Cincloramphus macrurus, subsp. Circus aeruginosus, syn. Cisticola juncidis, syn. Columba delegorguei sharpei, subsp. Crypturellus soui, syn. Cyanistes caeruleus ogliastrae, syn. Cyornis unicolor cyanopolia, subsp. Dendrocopos major, subsp. Dicrurus macrocercus, syn. Dryobates minor colchicus, syn. Dyaphorophyia concreta graueri, subsp. Emberiza schoeniclus, syn. Entomyzon cyanotis, syn. Eophona migratoria sowerbyi, subsp. Eudynamys scolopaceus, subsp. Eumyias panayensis, syn. Eurostopodus argusEurylaimus, syn. Falco peregrinus calidusFicedula, subsp. Fringilla coelebs, syn. Galerida theklae ruficolor, syn. Geospiza fuliginosa, subsp. Heleia superciliaris, subsp. Hemiprocne longipennis, syn. Hieraaetus pennatus, syn. Hypsipetes amaurotis stejnegeri, syn. Icterus icterus, subsp. Illadopsis turdina, syn. Jynx torquilla sarudnyi, syn. Lagonosticta nitidula, subsp. Linaria cannabina, syn. Lullula arborea pallida, subsp. Machaerirhynchus nigripectus, subsp. Malacocincla sepiaria, subsp. Melanorectes nigrescens, syn. Metallura tyrianthina oreopola, subsp. Micropsitta pusio, subsp. Mirafra africana, syn. Monarcha cinerascens, subsp. Mulleripicus pulverulentus, syn. Myiozetetes cayanensis hellmayri, subsp. Myrmecocichla arnotti, subsp. Myzomela obscura, syn. Ochrospiza dorsostriata maculicollis, syn. Onychognathus fulgidus hartlaubii, syn. Phylloscopus orientalis, syn. Phylloscopus reguloides assamensis, Phlogophilus, syn. Picoides kizuki matsudairai, subsp. Picumnus olivaceus, subsp. Pittasoma rufopileatum, subsp. Pnoepyga pusilla, syn. Poephila personata, subsp. Prionops caniceps, subsp. Psittacella brehmii, syn. Pternistis afer cranchii, syn. Pycnonotus barbatus tricolor, syn. Rhipidura albiscapa alisteri, syn. Rhipidura rufifrons granti, subsp. Rhodinocichla rosea, syn. Rhyticeros plicatus, syn. Scotocerca inquieta, subsp. Sericornis frontalis, syn. Sitta europaea roseilia, syn. Strix aluco nivicola, syn. Sturnus vulgaris porphyronotus, Tarphonomus, subsp. Terpsiphone viridis, Thapsinillas, syn. Treron curvirostra, syn. Vanellus miles, syn. Yuhina flavicollis rouxi, subsp. Zosterops citrinella, syn. Zosterops japonicus simplex).

Rufous-crowned Antpitta (rufopileatum)
SCI Name: Pittasoma rufopileatum rufopileatum
rufopileata / rufopileatum / rufopileatus
L. rufus rufous; pileatus capped < pileus cap.