Sangihe Hanging-Parrot / Loriculus catamene

Sangihe Hanging-Parrot / Loriculus catamene

Sangihe Hanging-Parrot

SCI Name:  Loriculus catamene
Protonym:  Loriculus catamene Nederl.Tijdschr.Dierk. 4 p.7
Taxonomy:  Psittaciformes / Psittaculidae /
Taxonomy Code:  sahpar2
Type Locality:  Great Sangir Island.
Publish Year:  1871
IUCN Status:  


(Psittacidae; Ϯ Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot L. galgulus) Dim. < genus Lorius auct. (= Larius Boddaert, 1783 = Eclectus Wagler, 1832), parrot (cf. dim. < genus Lorius Vigors, 1825, lory; dim. L. lorica  breastplate; "uropygio pectoreque coccineis" (Linnaeus 1758)); "No. 1820. LORICULUS ASIATICUS; Psittacus asiaticus, Latham, and Ps. indicus, Gmelin,—both founded on Edwards, pl. 6, which is a good representation. The names, however, are bad, as the race would seem to be wholly confined to Ceylon: while L. vernalis inhabits all India, and the countries bordering the eastern shores of the Bay of Bengal, as far as the Tenasserim provinces where it abounds, and also Java; whereas in the Malayan peninsula there appears only to be L. galgulus.  L. asiaticus differs from L. vernalis in having the crown deep red, passing to a saffron hue on the nape, and in some specimens over much of the back; while the fore-part of the neck is tinged more or less deeply with verditer.  The nearest affinity of these Loricules is with the genus Eclectus; and there are other species in the Philippines and probably the south of China." (Blyth 1849); "Genus. LORICULUS, Blyth.   12. L. GALGULUS (Edwards, pl. 293, f. 2).  ...  Serindak, Sindada, Malacca; Serindit, Sumatra (Raffles)   ...   13. L. VERNALIS (Swainson's Zool. Ill., 2d series, pl. I).  ...  Latkan ('pendent'), Hind., Bengal; Bhorá or Bhoárá, S. India (Jerdon); Kyai-tha-da, Arakan (Phayre); Silindit, and Silinditum, Java (Horsfield)  ...  14. L. ASIATICUS (Edwards, pl. 6)  ...  Pol-Girawa, Cingh." (Blyth 1850); "Loriculus Blyth, Journ. As. Soc. Bengal, 19, 1850, p. 236. Type, by monotypy, Psittacus galgulus Linné." (Peters 1937, III, 256); "LORICULUS Blyth, 1849  M— Psittacus galgulus Linnaeus, 1758; type by subsequent designation (G. R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 88)." (Dickinson & Remsen (eds.) 2013, 384).
Synon. Coryllis, Licmetulus, Psittaculus.

catamena / catamene
Gr. καταμηνια katamēnia  menstrual, menstruous  < κατα kata  in relation to; μην mēn, μηνος mēnos  month.
• "I cannot make out Calliste catamenia [sic = catamena] Bonaparte (Rev. Mag. Zool., (2), 3, p. 139, 1851), described as "Viridis, vertice crissoque rufescentibus."  No locality is indicated.  Although the type is credited to the Leiden Museum, the name has never been quoted again in literature.  According to G. C. W. Junge (in litt.), the specimen cannot be found in the collections at Leiden." (Hellmayr, 1936, Cat. Birds Americas, Pt. IX, p. 81) (unident.; ?syn. Tangara sp.).