Small-billed Tinamou / Crypturellus parvirostris

Small-billed Tinamou / Crypturellus parvirostris

Small-billed Tinamou

SCI Name:  Crypturellus parvirostris
Protonym:  Crypturus parvirostris Syst.Av. Crypturus p.[295]
Taxonomy:  Tinamiformes / Tinamidae /
Taxonomy Code:  smbtin1
Type Locality:  Brazil.
Publish Year:  1827
IUCN Status:  


(Tinamidae; Tataupá Tinamou C. tataupa) Dim. < genus Crypturus Illiger, 1811, tinamou; "CRYPTURELLUS, gen.nov.  We have not included in the genus Crypturus the two species C. tataupa and C. parvirostris, as we consider them to differ generically, chiefly in the formation of the bills.  In all the South-American species of the preceding genus (twenty) the nostrils are placed in the anterior half of the bill, whereas in Crypturellus they are situated in the posterior portion.  The membrane on this part is more persistent than in Crypturus and the gonys is proportionately much longer.  We propose C. tataupa (Temminck) as the type" (Brabourne & Chubb 1914); "Crypturellus Brabourne and Chubb, Ann. and Mag. Nat. Hist., (8), 14, 1914, p. 322.  Type, by original designation, "C. tataupa Temm." (= Tinamus tataupa Temminck.)" (Peters, 1931, I, p. 15).
Synon. Crypturornis, Microcrypturus, Orthocrypturus.

L. parvus  small; -rostris  -billed  < rostrum  beak.
● ex “Pato pico pequeño” of de Azara 1802-1805, no. 432 (syn. Anas sibilatrix).
● "54.  Tetrao, L.   141. urogallus, L.  (major, Br.  crassirostris, Brehm.  hybridus, L. cum Lyr. tetrice.  medius, Leisl.  intermedius, Langsd.  pseudourogallus, Brehm.  maculatus, Brehm.  urogalloides, Nilss.)   142. parvirostris, Bp.  (urogalloides, Middend.)" (Bonaparte 1856).  According to Mlíkovsky 2012, "the Black-billed Capercaillie should be called Tetrao urogalloides Middendorff, 1853, not Tetrao parvirostris Bonaparte, 1856." (syn. Tetrao urogalloides).