South Island Snipe / Coenocorypha iredalei

South Island Snipe / Coenocorypha iredalei

South Island Snipe

SCI Name:  Coenocorypha iredalei
Protonym:  Coenocorypha aucklandica iredalei Bull.Br.Orn.Club 41 p.63
Taxonomy:  Charadriiformes / Scolopacidae /
Taxonomy Code:  soisni1
Type Locality:  Jack Lees Island, New Zealand.
Publish Year:  1921
IUCN Status:  


(Scolopacidae; Ϯ Auckland Snipe C. aucklandica) Gr. κοινωσις koinōsis  mingling  < κοινοω  koinoō  to share; κορυφη koruphē  crown of the head; "Top of the head rufous, mixed with dark brown, with a narrow fulvous line down the middle" (G. Gray 1845); "CŒNOCORYPHA, G. R. Gr. 1854.  (Gallinago Aucklandicus, G. R. Gr.)" (G. Gray 1855); "Cœnocorypha Gray, Cat. Gen. Subgen. Birds, before April 18th, 1855, p. 119.  Type (by original designation): Gallinago aucklandica Gray." (Mathews, 1927, Syst. Av. Austral., I, p. 180).
Synon. Holmesia.

Tom Iredale (1880-1972) English ornithologist, conchologist, collector resident in Australia 1923-1972 (Acanthiza,  Aegithalos, syn. Alcedo hercules, ‡syn. Apteryx owenii, syn. Ardenna pacifica, ‡Coenocorypha, subsp. Eudyptula minor, syn. Falcunculus frontatus, subsp. Fregata ariel, syn. Neochmia phaeton, syn. Pericrocotus cinnamomeus peregrinus).