Greater Amakihi / Viridonia sagittirostris

Greater Amakihi / Viridonia sagittirostris

Greater Amakihi

SCI Name:  Viridonia sagittirostris
Protonym:  Viridonia sagittirostris Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist.(6), 10 p.112
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Fringillidae /
Taxonomy Code:  greama
Type Locality:  lower slopes of Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
Publish Year:  1892
IUCN Status:  


‡ (Fringillidae; Ϯ Greater Amakihi V. sagittirostris) L. viridis  green  < virere  to be green; Gr. patronymic suffix -ωνη  -ōnē; "Fam. Meliphagidæ.  VIRIDONIA, gen. nov.  Bill slightly curved, stout at the base, attenuating towards the tip, which is sharply pointed; wing rather broad, the first quill slightly shorter than the sixth; no bastard primary; tail rather short, nearly even at the tip; legs and feet stout; culmen about equal in length to the tarsus.   Viridonia sagittirostris, sp. n.  Adult male. Upper parts bright olive-green, rather paler and brighter on the sides of the head and upper tail-coverts. Underparts bright yellowish green; wings blackish brown, the primaries narrowly and the secondaries more broadly margined with yellowish green; tail blackish brown, with yellowish-green margins  ...  Hab. Mauna Kea, Hawai, Sandwich group." (Rothschild 1892); "Viridonia Rothschild, 1892, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 6, 10, p. 112. Type, by monotypy, Viridonia sagittirostris Rothschild." (Greenway in Peters 1968, XIV, 96).

L. sagitta  arrow; -rostris  -billed  < rostrum  beak.