Tessmann’s Flycatcher / Fraseria tessmanni

Tessmann\'s Flycatcher / Fraseria tessmanni

Tessmann's Flycatcher

SCI Name:  Fraseria tessmanni
Protonym:  Pedilorhynchus tessmanni Orn.Monatsb. 15 p.147
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Muscicapidae /
Taxonomy Code:  tesfly1
Type Locality:  Alen, Rio Benito, Spanish Guinea = Equatorial Guinea.
Publish Year:  1907
IUCN Status:  


(Muscicapidae; Ϯ African Forest Flycatcher F. ocreata) Louis Fraser (?1819-?1883) English zoologist, Curator of ZSL Museum 1832-1846, Curator of Knowsley Collection 1848-1851, Vice-Consul to Dahomey 1851-1853, collector in Nigeria 1841-1842, Ecuador 1857, California 1860, and Florida 1883. "L'africaine Tephr. ochreata, Strickland, à queue arrondie, à acrotarses d'une seule pièce, admirablement figurée par Fraser dans sa Zoologie typique, méritait un genre à part que nous établissons sous le nom de Fraseria, Bp." (Bonaparte 1854); Heine and Reichenow, 1890, Nomencl. Musei Heineani Ornith., p. 41, regarded Fraseria as a barbarous name, but, uncharacteristically, did not offer any alternative or replacement; "Fraseria Bonaparte, Compt. Rend. xxxviii, pp. 386, 536, 1854.  Type by monotypy, Tephrodornis ocreatus Strickland." (W. Sclater, 1930, Syst. Av. Aethiop., II, p. 411).
Synon. Apatema, Chapinia, Chapinornis, Cichlomyia, Eomelpusa, Eucnemidea, Hypodes, Myioparus.

Günter Tessmann (1889-1971) German anthropologist, botanist, collector in Guinea and the Cameroons 1904-1914 (syn. Agricola pallidus modestus, syn. Aplopelia simplex, syn. Campethera abingoni chrysura, syn. Cercomela familiaris falkensteini, syn. Eremomela canescens, Fraseria, syn. Lanius gubernator, syn. Lybius vieilloti rubescens, syn. Psalidoprocne pristoptera petiti, subsp. Sheppardia polioptera, syn. Turdus pelios saturatus).