Undulated Antshrike / Frederickena unduliger

Undulated Antshrike / Frederickena unduliger

Undulated Antshrike

SCI Name:  Frederickena unduliger
Protonym:  Thamnophilus unduliger Orn.Brasil. Abth.2 p.139
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Thamnophilidae /
Taxonomy Code:  undant2
Type Locality:  Marabitanas; Rio I^anna.
Publish Year:  1868
IUCN Status:  


(Thamnophilidae; Ϯ Black-throated Antshrike F. viridis) Frederick Vavasour McConnell (1868-1914) English ornithologist, explorer in British Guiana, collector; L. suffix -ena  relating to; "FREDERICKENA, gen. nov.  The species which I propose to separate as a new genus under the above title has also been previously placed in the genus Thamnophilus, Vieillot, with which it has no near affinity; it may be characterized by the absence of a concealed white dorsal patch. The nuchal crest is composed of rather broad feathers with rounded tips. The bill is short and stout, the depth being equal to about one-half the length of the exposed culmen. The wing is rounded, the fourth, fifth, and sixth primaries longest and subequal; the seventh is longer than the third, but shorter than the fourth. The tail, which is rounded and graduated, is about two-thirds the length of the wing.  The male is almost uniform in colour, but the female has the tail and entire under surface barred.  Type, Thamnophilus viridis Vieillot." (Chubb 1918); "Frederickena Chubb, Ann. and Mag. Nat. Hist. (9), 2, 1918, p. 123.  Type, by original designation, Thamnophilus viridis Vieillot." (Peters, 1951, VII, p. 156) (see Mackenziaena).

unduliger / unduligera
Late L. undula  wavelet, little wave  < dim. L. unda  wave; L. -gera carrying  < gerere  to carry.


Undulated Antshrike (unduliger)
SCI Name: Frederickena unduliger unduliger
unduliger / unduligera
Late L. undula  wavelet, little wave  < dim. L. unda  wave; L. -gera carrying  < gerere  to carry.

Undulated Antshrike (diversa)
SCI Name: Frederickena unduliger diversa
L. diversus  different, diverse  < divertere  to differ.
• "Arborophila diversa, sp. nov.  ...  Only the type was taken.  No specimens of Arborophila cambodiana are available for comparison, but the present bird does not agree with the description of that species, though evidently closely allied." (Riley 1930) (subsp. Arborophila cambodiana).
• "Across the Western Andes of Perú, on the eastern side of the cordillera a little to the southward, the greater extent of the light coronal patch becomes a regular feature, combined with certain other characters, and it appears desirable to recognize a separate subspecies for the birds of this region.  This form may be known as follows.   Elaenia albiceps diversa, new subspecies   TYPE from Cajabamba, northern Perú" (J. Zimmer 1941) (subsp. Elaenia albiceps).
• "To present a clearer discussion of the geographical variation of the species, I propose here as follows:   Ficedula tricolor diversa Vaurie, new subspecies   ...   Differs very distinctly from F. t. cerviniventris from Manipur and Chin Hills by lacking in both sexes the dull orange coloration of the under parts, including the throat, characteristic of these populations, and by being larger (table 1).  Similar to nominate tricolor from eastern Nepal (see discussion below) and Sikkim to northeastern Assam, but darker, more saturated." (Vaurie 1953) (subsp. Ficedula tricolor).
• "Frederickena unduligera diversa, new subspecies   ...   Similar to F. u. unduligera of the Rio Negro, Brazil, but females with under parts more brightly colored (orange-ochraceous instead of near buckthorn brown), anteriorly marked with blackish spots and crescents but not "barred," and posteriorly largely unmarked (not barred throughout).  Male not certainly different from unduligera but possibly with a greater extension of unmarked black on the breast." (J. Zimmer 1944) (subsp. Frederickena unduligera).

Undulated Antshrike (pallida)
SCI Name: Frederickena unduliger pallida
L. pallidus  pallid, pale, wan, sallow  < pallere  to be pale.