Venezuelan Wood-Quail / Odontophorus columbianus

Venezuelan Wood-Quail / Odontophorus columbianus

Venezuelan Wood-Quail

SCI Name:  Odontophorus columbianus
Protonym:  Odontophorus columbianus Monogr.Odontoph. pt3 pl.2
Taxonomy:  Galliformes / Odontophoridae /
Taxonomy Code:  venwoq1
Type Locality:  Caracas.
Publish Year:  1850
IUCN Status:  


(Odontophoridae; Ϯ Marbled Wood Quail O. gujanensis) Gr. οδοντοφορος odontophoros  bearing teeth  < οδους odous, οδοντος odontos  tooth; φερω pherō  to carry; "188. TOCRO, Odontophorus.  Tetrao, Linn. Gm.  Perdix, Lath.  Bec nu à la base, convexe en dessus, très-comprimé, crochu vers le bout; mandibule inférieure bidentée près la pointe. — Orbites et lorum nus. — Queue arrondie. — Rectrices 12.    Esp. Tocro, Buff." (Vieillot 1816); "Odontophorus Vieillot, Analyse, 1816, p. 51. Type, by monotypy, "Tocro," Buffon = Tetrao gujanensis Gmelin." (Peters 1934, II, 51).
Var. Odonthophorus, Dentophorus (L. dens, dentis  tooth).
Synon. Strophiortyx.

columbiana / columbianum / columbianus
● Colombia. To this day the name of Colombia is misspelled in newspapers, scientific works (e.g. NAOC Vancouver 2012 Abstracts, p. 207) and books, and on television (e.g. BBC News Channel (Travel!) 14 May 2017), and generally wrongly pronounced there (e.g. Channel 4 Seven O’Clock News, 10 October 2011) and on radio (e.g. BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show 30 November 2016). “America ... north of the Isthmus of Darien, the southern continent being termed Columbia” (Wood 1835) (subsp. Chamaeza campanisona, subsp. Cinclodes excelsior, Crypturellus, Fulica, Ortalis, Phaethornis, subsp. Philydor rufum, subsp. Synallaxis gujanensis).
● Columbia River or Columbia River region (Oregon) (Cygnus (ex “Whistling Swan” of P. Allen 1814), syn. Gymnogyps californianus, Nucifraga, subsp. Pedioecetes phasianellus (ex “Grouse or Prairie Hen” of Lewis 1814), syn. Piranga ludoviciana).
● Greater Colombia (= Venezuela) (Odontophorus, Philydor).
● Columbia County, Florida, USA (‡ Palaeophoyx).
● British Columbia, Canada (subsp. Poecile hudsonicus).
● Erroneous TL. Porto Cabello, Colombia (= Ciudad Bolívar, Río Orinoco, Venezuela) (Sicalis).