Wallace’s Fairywren / Sipodotus wallacii

Wallace\'s Fairywren / Sipodotus wallacii

Wallace's Fairywren

SCI Name:  Sipodotus wallacii
Protonym:  Todopsis wallacii Proc.Zool.Soc.London(1861) (1861), Pt3 p.429 pl.43 fig.2
Category:  Passeriformes / Maluridae /
Taxonomy Code:  walfai1
Type Locality:  Misool.
Publish Year:  1862
IUCN Status:  


(Maluridae; Ϯ Wallace's Fairy-wren S. wallacii) Portmanteau of genus Todopsis Bonaparte, 1854, fairy-wren; "Sipodotus, gen. nov.  Differs from Todopsis Bonap. in having a thinner and narrower bill and distinctly different coloration. Sexes alike in colour, whereas in Todopsis they differ.  Type, Todopsis wallacei Gray." (Mathews 1928).

wallaceana / wallaceanus / wallacei / wallaciana / wallacii
● Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) British zoologist, joint originator of the theory of evolution by natural selection, father of zoogeography, collector in Brazil and the East Indies (subsp. Accipiter fasciatus, Aegotheles, Ceyx, syn. Ceyx azureus lessonii, subsp. Chalcophaps stephani, syn. Dendrocincla fuliginosa, syn. Dicrurus leucophaeus, syn. Dicrurus paradiseus formosus, syn. Eos squamata, Eulipoa, Habroptila, Heleia, subsp. Hemiprocne longipennis, syn. Lonchura quinticolor, subsp. Mulleripicus fulvus, syn. Paradisaea apoda, subsp. Patagioenas plumbea, subsp. Picumnus aurifrons, subsp. Pipromorpha oleaginea, syn. Prioniturus platurus, subsp. Procnias albus, Ptilinopus, subsp. Schiffornis turdina, Semioptera, Sipodotus, subsp. Treron griseicauda).
● Maj. Robert Browne Wallace (1918-2002) US Army, businessman, philanthropist, environmentalist (Capito).