White-banded Tanager / Neothraupis fasciata

White-banded Tanager / Neothraupis fasciata

White-banded Tanager

SCI Name:  Neothraupis fasciata
Protonym:  T.[anagra] fasciata Verz.Doubl.Zool.Mus.Berlin p.32
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Thraupidae /
Taxonomy Code:  whbtan1
Type Locality:  Sao Paulo [, Brazil] .
Publish Year:  1823
IUCN Status:  


(Thraupidae; Ϯ White-banded Tanager N. fasciata) Gr. νεος neos  new, strange; θραυπις thraupis  unknown small bird, perhaps some sort of finch. In ornithology thraupis signifies tanager; "Genus NEOTHRAUPIS gen. nov....  1 Genus Neothraupis Hellmayr, gen. nov.  Type: Tanagra fasciata Lichtenstein.  Not unlike Conothraupis Taczanowski, but bill decidedly shorter and stouter as well as strongly incurved; feet stronger; coloration very different (no white alar speculum; a broad white bar across the wing formed by the tips of the median upper wing coverts). Also related to Lamprospiza Cabanis, but wings much shorter and bill much shorter.  This group has long been known as Diucopis, a name that cannot be employed, since it was originally proposed as a substitute for Schistochlamys Reichenbach." (Hellmayr 1936).
Synon. Flintthraupis
● (syn. Cyanicterus Ϯ Blue-backed Tanager C. cyanicterus) "Graf Berlepsch characterisirt ausserdem ein neues Genus Neothraupis, mit der Art N. cyanicterus Vieill., die bisher fälschlich der Gattung Ortocorys [sic] Vieill. zugesellt worden ist.  Der Vortragende bespricht noch eine Anzahl seltener amerikanischer Arten aus seinen Sammlungen und legt dieselben den Anwesenden vor." (von Berlepsch 1879).

Late L. fasciatus  banded  < L. fascia  band, stripe.
● ex “Fasciated Grosbeak” of Brown 1776, and Latham 1783 (Amadina).
● ex “Hirondelle à bande blanche sur le ventre de Cayenne” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 724, fig. 2, “Hirondelle à ceinture blanche” of de Buffon 1770-1783, and “White-bellied Swallow” of Latham 1783 (Atticora).
● ex “Fasciated Finch” of Pennant 1785 (syn. Melospiza melodia).
● ex “Ynambúi” of de Azara 1802-1805, no. 327 (syn. Nothura maculosa).
● ex “Bracelet Parrakeet from East India” of Albin 1731 (subsp. Psittacula alexandri).