White-bellied Spinetail / Mazaria propinqua

White-bellied Spinetail / Mazaria propinqua

White-bellied Spinetail

SCI Name:  Mazaria propinqua
Protonym:  Synallaxis propinqua Sitz.K.Akad.Wiss.Wien 34 p.101
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Furnariidae /
Taxonomy Code:  whbspi1
Type Locality:  Brazil; type from Rio Madeira below the junction of the Mahissy.
Publish Year:  1859
IUCN Status:  


(Furnariidae: Ϯ White-bellied Spinetail M. propinqua) Juan Mazar Barnett (1975-2012) Argentinian ornithologist; "Mazaria, genus novum.  Type species: S. propinqua Pelzeln 1859.  ...  I dedicate this new genus to my colleague and friend Juan Mazar Barnett, in recognition to his multiple talents, candid spirit, and comradeship. He left us too early and Neotropical ornithology will not be the same without him" (Claramunt 2014).

propinqua / propinquatus / propinquus
L. propinquus  related, similar, neighbouring  < prope  near  < pro  like.
● Lawrence 1867, felt obliged to give this new name to his Tachyphonus rubrifrons because the red on the forehead was caused by fruit pulp still adhering to the feathers (syn. Heterospingus rubrifrons).
● "Cette forme du T. personatus ne diffère de la forme typique de Bogota que par les dimensions un peu moins fortes, et plus sensiblement par le bec plus large et plus long.  ...  Toutes ces races sont très proches entre elles." (von Berlepsch & Taczanowski 1884) (syn. Trogon personatus assimilis).