Amazonian Swift / Chaetura viridipennis

Amazonian Swift / Chaetura viridipennis

Amazonian Swift

SCI Name:  Chaetura viridipennis
Protonym:  Chaetura chapmani viridipennis Bull.Am.Mus.Nat.Hist. 35 p.183
Taxonomy:  Caprimulgiformes / Apodidae /
Taxonomy Code:  amaswi1
Type Locality:  Doze Outubre, Matto Grosso.
Publish Year:  1916
IUCN Status:  


(Apodidae; Ϯ Chimney Swift C. pelagica) Gr. χαιτη khaitē  long flowing hair; ουρα oura  tail; "GENUS XLI.—CHÆTURA mihi.  Beak with the lower mandible straight at the tip.  Wings very long.  Tail very short; its feathers subulated and acute at the tip.  HIRUNDO Auctorum.—CYPSELUS, pars. Temm.    Sp. 1. Ch. pelasgia. Hirundo pelasgia. Steph. v. x. 128.—North America.   Sp. 2. Ch. Martinicana. Hirunda acuta. Steph. v. x. 131. pl. 15.—West Indies.   Sp. 3. Ch. pacifica. Hirundo pacifica. Steph. v. x. 132.—New Holland.   Sp. 4. Ch. australis. Hirundo caudacuta. Steph. v. x. 133.—New South Wales.   Sp. 5. Ch. fusca. Hirundo fusca. Steph. v. x. 133.——?   Sp. 6. Ch. collaris.  ...  INHABITS Brazil." (Stephens 1826); "Chætura Stephens, in Shaw's Gen. Zool., 13, pt. 2, 1826, p. 76. Type, by subsequent designation, Chaetura pelasgia Stevens [sic] = Hirundo pelagica Linné. (Swainson, Zool. Illustr. (2), 1, 1829, text to pl. 42.)" (Peters, 1940, IV, p. 235).
Var. Chatura, Chaturae.
Synon. Acanthura, Acanthylis, Pelasgia, Uranteris.

L. viridis  green  < virere  to be green; -pennis  -winged  < penna  feather.