Andean Guan / Penelope montagnii

Andean Guan / Penelope montagnii

Andean Guan

SCI Name:  Penelope montagnii
Protonym:  Ortalida montagnii Compt.Rend. 42 p.875
Taxonomy:  Galliformes / Cracidae /
Taxonomy Code:  andgua1
Type Locality:  Colombia = El Pinon, above Fusugasug, 9600 ft., as suggested by Chapman, antea, 1917, p. 194.
Publish Year:  1856
IUCN Status:  


(Cracidae; Ϯ Marail Guan P. marail) Probably arbitrary, from Gr. myth. Penelope, a Greek princess, daughter of Icarius and wife of Ulysses, King of Ithaca, and who spun a braided web or tapestry to deceive many importunate admirers during the long absence of her husband at the siege of Troy. She had promised to choose amongst them upon the completion of the tapestry, but every night unravelled the previous days labour! (cf. "LES GUANS ou JACOUS  ...  Celui de Pénélope qui leur a été imposé par Merrem, désignait, chez les grecs, une espèce de canard qui, disait-on, avait sauvé des eaux la femme d'Ulysse dans son enfance." (Cuvier 1816)). Teixeira 1995, suggested that the generic term is correctly named after Penelope, in allusion to the reticulated pattern on the breast and foreneck of many guans. Another source, citing Penelope’s promiscuity, identifies her web as the limb and facial tattooes worn by woodland revellers during orgies dedicated to the mountain goddess (Gr. πηνη pēnē  thread, web; ωπε ōpe  aspect, look).  Perhaps an allusion to the partial crest of the Marail Guan compared to the full crest of the Common Piping Guan Pipile pipile described (Weishaubiger YakuPenelope leucolophos) in the pages and plate XII following (i.e. L. pene  almost, nearly; Gr. λοφος lophos  crest); "GRÜNGLÄNZENDEN YAKU  ...  Der Kopf ist klein, und mit einer niedrigen Holle (crista) längerer Federn bekleidet. Nach EDWARDS soll man sie auch ohne Holle antreffen, wodurch seiner Meynung nach die Männchen von dem Weibchen sich unterscheiden  ...  [plate XI] Grünglänzender Yaku. Penelope Jacupema" (Merrem 1786); "Penelope Merrem, Av. rar. Icon. et Descr., 1786, fasc. 2, p. 39. Type, by subsequent designation, Penelope marail Gmelin = Penelope iacupema Merrem = Phasianus marail P. L. S. Müller. (Lesson, Man. d'Orn., 2, 1828, p. 214.)" (Peters 1934, II, 12).
Var. PonolopePenelophe.
Synon. GanixGouan, Salpiza, Stegnolaema.
● (syn. Aythya Ϯ Common Pochard A. ferina) Gr. πηνελοψ pēnelops, πηνελοπος pēnelopos  type of duck; "19. LE MILLOUIN.  ...  PENELOPE" (Brisson 1760): based on "Penelops primus" of Aldrovandus 1599-1603, "Penelope" of Jonston 1650-1653 and Charleton 1668, and Anas ferina Linnaeus, 1758.

L. penelops, penelopis  type of duck  < Gr. πηνελοψ pēnelops, πηνελοπος pēnelopos  type of duck with purple stripes which was said to have rescued and fed Penelope after her parents had thrown her into the sea  < πηνη pēnē  braid, woof; ωψ ōps, ωπος ōpos  appearance; "Penelopes  ...  Judging from p. 148 of the original work the singular of this word is 'Penelops,' and it is probably by mistake that the Wigeon has been called Mareca penelope" (Evans 1903);“The name penelope was given to the Widgeon because of its supposed conjugal fidelity” (Phillips 1923); "61. ANAS.  ...  Penelope.  24. A. cauda acutiuscula subtus nigra, capite brunneo, fronte alba. Fn. svec. 105.  Penelope. Gesn. av. 108. Aldr. orn. l. 19. c. 38. Jonst. av. l. 49. Will. orn. 288. t. 72. Raj. av. 146.  Anas fistularis. Alb. av. 2. p. 88. t. 99.  Habitat in Europæ maritimis & paludibus." (Linnaeus 1758) (Mareca).

Jean Pierre François Camille Montagne (1784-1866) French surgeon, botanist (Penelope).


Andean Guan (montagnii)
SCI Name: Penelope montagnii montagnii
Jean Pierre François Camille Montagne (1784-1866) French surgeon, botanist (Penelope).

Andean Guan (atrogularis)
SCI Name: Penelope montagnii atrogularis
L. ater  black; Mod. L. gularis throated  < L. gula  throat.
● ex “Coliou Rayé à Gorge Noire” of Levaillant 1808, pl. 259 (syn. Colius striatus nigricollis).
● ex “Vanneau armé de Goa” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, and Parra goensis J. Gmelin, 1789 (syn. Vanellus indicus).

Andean Guan (brooki)
SCI Name: Penelope montagnii brooki
Edward Jonas Brook (1865-1924) English business magnate, aviculturalist (subsp. Penelope montagnii, syn. Rhopoctites virgaticeps, syn. Trichoglossus haematodus nigrogularis).

Andean Guan (plumosa)
SCI Name: Penelope montagnii plumosa
plumosa / plumosus
L. plumosus feathered, downy < pluma small feather.

Andean Guan (sclateri)
SCI Name: Penelope montagnii sclateri
● Dr Philip Lutley Sclater (1829-1913) English ornithologist, collector (subsp. Apalis cinerea, subsp. Asthenes wyatti, subsp. Attila spadiceus, Cacicus, syn. Campephilus gayaquilensis, subsp. Camptostoma obsoletum, syn. Casuarius casuarius, subsp. Cercomacra cinerascens, subsp. Chaetura cinereiventris, Chasiempis, subsp. Colinus leucopogon, syn. Crax fasciolata, syn. Cyanocorax affinis, Doliornis, Eudyptes, Euphonia (ex Bonaparte MS), subsp. Forpus modestus, subsp. Guttera verreauxi, syn. Heliomaster longirostris, subsp. Hirundinea ferruginea, subsp. Icterus pustulatus, Knipolegus, Lophophorus, Loriculus, subsp. Loxigilla noctis, Meliarchus, subsp. Monasa morphoeus, subsp. Myiarchus oberi, Myrmotherula, Myzomela, Nonnula, syn. Penelope barbata, subsp. Penelope montagnii, syn. Penelope obscuraPheugopedius, Phyllomyias, Picumnus, syn. Pipreola chlorolepidota, syn. Plectropterus gambensisPoecile, Pseudocolopteryx, syn. Rufirallus fasciatus, syn. Spinus magellanicus capitalis, subsp. Tachycineta euchrysea, subsp. Tangara aurulenta, syn. Tangara cabanisi, syn. Thamnophilus amazonicus, syn. Thraupis episcopus nesophilus, subsp. Thripadectes virgaticeps, subsp. Todirostrum cinereum, subsp. Tolmomyias poliocephalus, Vireo, subsp. Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus).
● William Lutley Sclater (1863-1944) English ornithologist (son of Dr Philip Lutley Sclater), Director of Cape Town Mus. 1896-1906 (syn. Apalis thoracica capensis, subsp. Caprimulgus climacurus, subsp. Cercotrichas leucophrys, syn. Chlidonias hybrida delalandii, syn. Cisticola galactotes amphilectus, subsp. Cyanomitra olivacea, subsp. Dendrocitta vagabunda, subsp. Monticola rufocinereus, subsp. Neomixis striatigula, syn. Ploceus bicolor stictifronsSpizocorys, syn. Turtur afer).