Bagobo Robin / Leonardina woodi

Bagobo Robin / Leonardina woodi

Bagobo Robin

SCI Name:  Leonardina woodi
Protonym:  Leonardia woodi Proc.Biol.Soc.Wash. 18 p.2
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Muscicapidae /
Taxonomy Code:  bagbab2
Type Locality:  Todaya, 4,000 ft.. Mount Apo, Mindanao.
Publish Year:  1905
IUCN Status:  


(PellorneidaeϮ Bagobo Babbler L. woodi) Maj.-Gen. Leonard Wood (1860-1927) US Army, Gov.-Gen. of the Philippines 1906-1908; "The generic name Leonardia proposed by me for this genus, on page 1 of this volume, is preoccupied by Leonardia TAPPARONE-CANEFRI, Ann. Mus. Civ. Genova, ser. 2, Vol. VII, 1890, p. 332, for a genus of marine slugs, and is here changed to Leonardina." (Mearns 1905). The relationships of this bird are uncertain; it may belong in the Muscicapidae, hence the alternative name of Bagobo Robin.
Synon. Leonardia.

• Dr Casey Albert Wood (1856-1942) Canadian ophthalmologist, bibliophile, ornithologist (syn. Amazona finschi, syn. Grus canadensis, subsp. Hapalocrex flaviventer, subsp. Lalage maculosa).
• Capt. Leonard Wood, Jr. (1892-1931) US Army, son of Gov.-Gen. of Philippines (subsp. Cinnyris jugularis).
• Norman Asa Wood (1857-1943) US zoologist at Michigan University Mus. of Zoology 1895-1932 (syn. Dinopium benghalense tehminae).
• Col. Henry Wood (1872-1940) British Army surveyor in India (Garrulax, subsp. Trochalopteron chrysopterum).
• Maj.-Gen. Leonard Wood (1860-1927) US Army surgeon, Military Gov. of Cuba 1899-1902, Gov.-Gen. of Philippines 1906-1908 (Leonardina).
• William Watkins Wood (fl. 1875) US journalist in China, naturalist, plantation manager, pioneer photographer in the Philippines (subsp. Mixornis gularis).