Black-backed Tanager / Stilpnia peruviana

Black-backed Tanager / Stilpnia peruviana

Black-backed Tanager

SCI Name:  Stilpnia peruviana
Protonym:  Tanagra peruviana Hist.Nat.Tangaras livr.9 textpl.11
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Thraupidae /
Taxonomy Code:  blbtan1
Type Locality:  rapporte du Perou par Dombey; error, province of Rio de Janeiro suggested by Berlepsch, 1912, Verh. V Intern. Ornith. Kongr., Berlin, 1911, p. 1042.
Publish Year:  1806
IUCN Status:  


(syn. Tangara Ϯ Black-headed Tanager T. cyanoptera) Gr. στιλπνος stilpnos  glistening, glittering  < στιλπνοω stilpnoō  to polish; "32. Stilpnia, new genus (Fig. 5).   Type species. Aglaia cyanoptera Swainson, 1834 (currently recognized as Tangara cyanoptera).  ...  Etymology. The name, feminine in gender, is derived from the Greek στιλπνη, the feminine form of the adjective meaning "glittering" or "glistening," alluding to the glossiness of the plumage of these colorful tanagers.  Comments. Euschemon Sclater, 1851 (type species Tanagra flava Gmelin, 1789, currently Tangara cayana flava), is preoccupied by Euschemon Doubleday, 1846, the name of an Australian butterfly, and so not available" (Burns et al. 2016) (OD per Richard Klim).

peruana / peruanum / peruanus / peruvia / peruviana / peruvianus / peruviensis
Peru. Said to be named after Biru, a local Inca encountered by the conquistadores (although the name is also accredited to a Panamanian cazique). Until the early 18th century the Viceroyalty of Peru included all Spanish possessions in South America.
● ex “Geai du Pérou” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 625, and de Buffon 1770-1783, and “Peruvian Jay” of Latham 1781 (syn. Cyanocorax yncas).
● ex “Coq de Roche du Pérou” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 745, and de Buffon 1770-1783 (Rupicola).
● Erroneous TL. Peru (= Brazil) (Tangara).
Erroneous TL. Peru (= Tahiti) (Vini).