Bugun Liocichla / Liocichla bugunorum

Bugun Liocichla / Liocichla bugunorum

Bugun Liocichla

SCI Name:  Liocichla bugunorum
Protonym:  Liocichla bugunorum Indian Birds 2 (4) 82-94.
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Leiothrichidae /
Taxonomy Code:  buglio1
Type Locality:  
Publish Year:  2006
IUCN Status:  


(Leiothrichidae; Ϯ Taiwan Liocichla L. steerii) Genus Leiothrix Swainson, 1832, leiothrix; Gr. κιχλη kikhlē  thrush; “DR. STEERE, whose ornithological discoveries in the Philippines have lately attracted so much attention, also visited Formosa during his travels in the east.  ...  Amongst several interesting species obtained by him and submitted to me, such as Suthora bulomachus, Sibia auricularis, Garrulax taivanus, &c., was a Liothrix-like bird, which is quite new to me.  Wishing for further information, I waited until I had an opportunity of showing the specimen to Lord Tweeddale.  It was new also to him; and he writes, "It is another evidence of the close connexion that must have existed formerly between Formosa and the Himalayan chain."  I will therefore bring forward this species under the generic name.  LIOCICHLA, gen. nov.  In general character a Liothrix, but with the stronger legs and shorter wings of a Garrulax, and somewhat allied to Sibia.    LIOCICHLA STEERII, sp. nov.  (Plate XIV.)” (Swinhoe 1877); "Liocichla Swinhoe, 1877, Ibis, p. 473. Type, by monotypy, Liocichla steerii Swinhoe." (Deignan in Peters 1964, X, 380).

Bûgûn, a people of Arunachal Pradesh, north-eastern India.