Flame-throated Warbler / Oreothlypis gutturalis

Flame-throated Warbler / Oreothlypis gutturalis

Flame-throated Warbler

SCI Name:  Oreothlypis gutturalis
Protonym:  Compsothlypis gutturalis J.Orn. 8(1860) p.329 ydP
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Parulidae /
Taxonomy Code:  fltwar1
Type Locality:  Irazu, Costa Rica.
Publish Year:  1861
IUCN Status:  


(Parulidae; Ϯ Flame-throated Warbler O. gutturalis) Gr. ορος oros, ορεος oreos  mountain (i.e. Volcán Irazú, Costa Rica); θλυπις thlupis  unidentified small bird, perhaps some sort of finch or warbler. In ornithology thlypis signifies either a thin-billed tanager or, as in this case, a parulid warbler. "Two Central American species, which have been usually referred to this genus, cannot properly be included; in fact, they apparently are much nearer the genus Conirostrum (assigned in the existing 'system' to the Cœrebidæ) than to Compsothlypis. From the latter they differ in having no trace whatever of the notch to the bill, and in the very slight development of the rictal bristles, both of which features are characters of Conirostrum. There are also other differences, which it is unnecessary to mention in the present connection. I do not believe, however, that these birds can be consistently placed in Conirostrum, the bill being much stouter, while there are other differences. It therefore seems desirable to give a new name to this group (the two species being apparently congeneric), and I accordingly propose that of Oreothlypis, with Compsothlypis gutturalis Cab. as type" (Ridgway 1884).

Med. L. gutturalis  of the throat  < L. guttur, gutturis  throat.
● ex “Plastron Noir” of Levaillant 1801-1804, pl. 123 (syn. Apalis thoracica).
● ex “Manakin à gorge blanche” of Brisson 1760 (Corapipo).
● ex “Guttural Thrush” of Latham 1787 (syn. Pachycephala pectoralis).
● ex “Martinet à Gorge Blanche” of Levaillant 1807, pl. 243 (syn. Tachymarptis melba africana).
● ex “Merle à collier du cap de bonne Espérance” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 272 (syn. Telophorus zeylonus).