Gray Laughingthrush / Garrulax maesi

Gray Laughingthrush / Garrulax maesi

Gray Laughingthrush

SCI Name:  Garrulax maesi
Protonym:  Dryonastes Maesi Bull.Soc.Zool.France 15 p.155
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Leiothrichidae /
Taxonomy Code:  grylau1
Type Locality:  Tongking ; restricted to the Tarn Dao Mountains [ca. lat. 21° 30'' N., long. 105° 34'' E.], by Delacour, 1927, Bull. Brit. Orn. Club, 47, p. 83.
Publish Year:  1890
IUCN Status:  


(Leiotrichidae; White-crested Laughingthrush G. leucolophus belangeri) Genus Garrulus Brisson, 1760, jay; L. -ax  inclining towards (cf. L. garrulus  babbling  <  garrire  to babble); from their noisy behavious the laughingthrushes were formerly known as jay-thrushes; "CII.e Le genre GARRULAXE; Garrulax, Lesson.   ...   Observ. Ce genre est très-distinct des geais et des merles, avec lesquels on a voulu associer les espèces qui le composent, et qui vivent dans l'Inde.  Ce sont:  1.º Le GARRULAXE DE BÉLANGER; Garrulax Belangeri, Less., Zool. du Voy. aux Indes orientales, pl. 4   ...   Cet oiseau est nommé weraôu par les habitans du Pégu, sa patrie.   2.º Le GARRULAXE A FRONT ROUX; Garrulax rufifrons, Less., Zool. du Voy. de Bélanger, pl. 5.   ...   De Java.   3.º Le GARRULAXE AZUR; Garrulax azureus. Less.   ...   Habite le Pégu." (Lesson 1831); "Garrulax Lesson, 1831 (June), Traité d'Orn.: 647.  Type, by subsequent designation, Gray, 1846, Garrulax Belangeri Lesson, but nomen nudum, type hereby designated, Garrulax rufifrons Lesson." (Ripley, 1961, Synopsis Birds India Pakistan, p. 380); "GARRULAX Lesson, 1831  M— Garrulax belangeri Lesson, 1831; type by subsequent designation (G. R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 44)." (Dickinson and Christidis (eds.), H. & M. Complete Checklist, 4th ed., 2014, 2 (Passerines), p. 541).
Synon. Allocotops, Babax, Dryonastes, Garrulaxis, Ianthocincla, Kaznakowia, Leucodioptron, Melanocichla, Pterorhinus, Rhinocichla, Stactocichla.

Albert Maës (d. 1914) French aviculturalist (syn. Bombycilla japonicaGarrulax).


Gray Laughingthrush (grahami)
SCI Name: Garrulax maesi grahami
● "Aramides cajanea grahami, subsp. nov.  ...  The type, which is in the British Museum, was collected by the late Ronald Graham at Pará, Brazil." (Chubb 1919); "Collected and presented by R. S. Graham" (Warren 1966); "March 24. At Para, in the Brazils, by the upsetting of a canoe, aged 31, Reginald Simpson Graham, esq. of Manchester  ...  also his wife, Dora-Ennis  ...  and Dora Ennis, their only child, aged six years." (Gentleman's Magazine 1845, new ser., XXIV (pt. 2), (obituaries) p. 103) (Martin Schneider, Laurent Raty and Björn Bergenholtz in litt.) (syn. Aramides cajanea).
● Revd. David Crocket Graham (1884-1961) US missionary to China 1911-1948, anthropologist, archaeologist, collector (syn. Horornis flavolivaceus intricatus, subsp. Garrulax maesi).

Gray Laughingthrush (maesi)
SCI Name: Garrulax maesi maesi
Albert Maës (d. 1914) French aviculturalist (syn. Bombycilla japonicaGarrulax).