Hawkins’s Rail / Diaphorapteryx hawkinsi

Hawkins's Rail

SCI Name:  Diaphorapteryx hawkinsi
Protonym:   Nature 45 p.416
Category:  Gruiformes / Rallidae /
Taxonomy Code:  hawrai1
Type Locality:  
Publish Year:  1892
IUCN Status:  


‡ (Rallidae; Hawkins's Rail D. hawkinsi) Gr. διαφορος diaphoros  different  < διαφορεω diaphoreō  to disperse  < διαφερω diapherō  to carry across; genus Apteryx Shaw, 1813, kiwi; "Diaphorapteryx Forbes, 1892, Bull. Br. Ornith. Club 1: 21 — type (by monotypy) Aphanapteryx hawkinsi Forbes." (Checklist birds New Zealand, 3rd ed., 1990, p. 121).  The large, flightless Hawkins's or Mehonui Rail of the Chatham Islands is known only from skeletons and subfossil remains, but may have survived into the early 1800s.

● William Hawkins (fl. 1881) settler on Chatham Is., collector (‡Diaphorapteryx).
● Roland Walter Hawkins (1920-2001) Canadian ornithologist, taxidermist, aviculturalist (syn. Uropsila leucogastra australis).