Inca Dove / Columbina inca

Inca Dove / Columbina inca

Inca Dove

SCI Name:  Columbina inca
Protonym:  Chamaepelia inca Descr.Mamm.Ois.rec.decouv. p.211
Taxonomy:  Columbiformes / Columbidae /
Taxonomy Code:  incdov
Type Locality:  Mexico.
Publish Year:  1847
IUCN Status:  


(Columbidae; Picui Ground Dove C. picui strepitans) L. columbina  little dove  < dim. columba  dove; "Magnitudine passeris.   SPECIES 1. COLUMBINA STREPITANS.  ...  Corpus Merula fere duplo minus  ...  Habitat in campis Piauhy, mas foemina maior, alis Crotali horridi instar crepitans, ideoque ab incolis Cascavelha, ab Azara Picui nominata.    SPECIES 2. COLUMBINA CAMPESTRIS.  ...  Habitat gregaria in campis Bahiae, "Cabóclas" ab incolis denominata; foemina mare minor.    SPECIES 3. COLUMBINA CABOCOLO.  ...  Corpus praecedente vix maius  ...    SPECIES 4. COLUMBINA GRISEOLA.  ...  Habitat in sylviis fl. Amazonum." (von Spix 1825); "Columbina Spix, Av. Bras., 2, 1825, p. 57, 58.  Type, by subsequent designation, Columbina strepitans Spix. (G. R. Gray, List Gen. Bds., ed. 2, 1841, p. 75)." (Peters, 1937, III, p. 104).
Synon. Chaemepelia, Columbigallina, Columbula, Eupelia, Leptopelia, Oxypelia, Pyrgitoenas, Talpacotia.
• (Columbidae; syn. Columbina † Common Ground Dove C. passerina) "COLUMBINA, Spix (1826).  Chœmepelia, Swains.  Columba, L.  Goura, (Steph.) Bonap.  "Columbi gallina, Vieill." Boie  C. passerina, (Lath.) n., Pl. enl. 243." (G. Gray 1840); "Columbina "Spix" G. Gray, 1840, List Genera Birds, p. 58 (not of von Spix, 1825).  Type, by original designation, C. passerina (Lath.), i.e. Columba passerina Linnaeus, 1758." (JAJ 2021).
• (Columbidae; syn. Claravis  Purple-winged Ground Dove C. geoffroyi) "bb) Tauben von geringer Größe; dritte Handschwinge längste; Armschwingen sehr lang.   7. Gatt. Columbina (Col. Geoffroyi, Col. cinerea etc.)." (Streubel 1842); "Columbina Streubel, 1842, in Ersch and Gruber, Allgem. Encyclopädie der Wissenschaften und Künste, sect. 3, XVII, p. 94 (not of von Spix, 1825, nor of G. Gray, 1840).  For the benefit of The Key, type here fixed by subsequent designation, Columba geoffroyi Temminck, 1811." (JAJ 2021).

L. columbina  little dove  < dim. columba  dove.

Inca, the pre-conquest peoples of Peru and Bolivia (epithet generally given to species described from or found in those countries) (Coeligena, subsp. Geospizopsis unicolor, syn. Griseotyrannus aurantioatrocristatus, Larosterna, syn. Leptopogon taczanowskii, subsp. Paraclaravis mondetoura, syn. Psarocolius viridis (ex “Cassique vert de Cayenne” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 328), subsp. Ramphastos cuvieri, syn. Rupornis magnirostris occiduusScardafella (here the epithet aztec (i.e. Mexican) would be more accurate), subsp. Tangara fulvicervix).

(syn. Larosterna Ϯ Inca Tern L. inca) Specific name Sterna inca Lesson, 1827; "INCA MYSTICALIS, JARDINE.  ...  Type, Sterna inca, Less.  ...  We do not advocate the multiplication of genera, particularly in a group numbering only from eighty to ninety species; but we do think that this bird has claims stronger and more peculiar than some others; and if by any ornithologists it is thought worthy of a subgeneric separation, we have drawn its characters under the title of Inca. We consider it a most interesting form, drawing closer the alliance between the Laridæ and Pelicanidæ; for wherever we place Phäeton, whether with the first or last, this bird is the intermediate step; and we may also think that we see the white lengthened feathers, occurring during the breeding season in many of the Cormorants, repeated in the beautiful white plumes of Inca mysticalis." (Jardine 1850); "Inca (not of Lepeletier and Serville, 1825) Jardine, Contr. Orn., 1850, p. 33—type, by tautonymy, Sterna inca Lesson and Garnot." (Hellmayr & Conover 1948, XIII, 329).