Luzon Flameback / Chrysocolaptes haematribon

Luzon Flameback / Chrysocolaptes haematribon

Luzon Flameback

SCI Name:  Chrysocolaptes haematribon
Protonym:  Picus Haematribon Syst.Av. Picus [p.46] sp.95
Category:  Piciformes / Picidae /
Taxonomy Code:  luzfla1
Type Locality:  India? = Luzon.
Publish Year:  1827
IUCN Status:  


(Picidae; Ϯ Javan Flameback  C. strictus) Gr. χρυσος khrusos  gold; κολαπτης kolaptēs  chiseller  < κολαπτω kolaptō  to peck; "the other group having a well developed fourth toe, and being altogether more powerfully formed, and highly typical or characteristic of the Woodpecker structure. To this last, which may be designated Chrysocolaptes, appertain P. strictus, Horsfield, (v. sultaneus, Hodgson),* P. hæmatribon, Wagler, and also I believe certain other species, together with the following:— P. (Chrysocolaptes) melanotus, Nobis.   ...   *This is generally, I believe, now considered to be P. Goensis, though the description of the latter by Daubenton and others certainly does not apply.—Referring to Dr. Horsfield's catalogue of Javanese birds prefixed to his Volume of Researches, I observe that he there refers his P. strictus to P. Goensis." (Blyth 1843); "Chrysocolaptes Blyth, Journ. As. Soc. Bengal, 12, pt. 2, 1843, p. 1004. Type, by subsequent designation, C. strictus = Picus strictus Horsfield. (Hargitt, Cat. Bds. Brit. Mus., 18, 1890, p. 442).2   ...   2 Gray, Cat. Gen. Subgen. Bds., 1855, p. 92, designates Picus sultaneus Hodgson, but this was not one of the originally included species." (Peters, 1948, VI, p. 225).
Synon. Indopicus, Reinwardtipicus, Xylolepes.

Gr. αἱμα haima, αἱματος haimatos  blood; τριβων tribōn, τριβωνος tribōnos  threadbare cloak  < τριβω tribō  to wear out.