Lucy’s Warbler / Leiothlypis luciae

Lucy\'s Warbler / Leiothlypis luciae

Lucy's Warbler

SCI Name:  Leiothlypis luciae
Protonym:  Helminthophaga luciae Proc.Cal.Acad.Sci.(1), 2 p.120
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Parulidae /
Taxonomy Code:  lucwar
Type Locality:  Fort Mojave, near lat. 35° N., Colorado Valley, Arizona.
Publish Year:  1861
IUCN Status:  


(Parulidae; Ϯ Tennessee Warbler L. peregrina) Gr. λειος leios  plain; θλυπις thlupis  unknown small bird. In ornithology thlypis signifies either a thin-billed tanager or, as in this case, a parulid warbler. "No generic name has been proposed for the clade formed by the six 'plain' species ...  Therefore, I propose a new genus taxon for this clade.  Leiothlypis, gen. nov. ...  Differs from Oreothlypis plain plumage without black markings on the head, upperparts and underparts. Differs from Vermivora ...  in the plain head and wing pattern ...  The name Leiothlypis is derived from the Greek λειος, meaning plain, and the Greek θλυπις, the name of a kind of finch said to be found in the codices of Aristoteles (Stejneger 1884). The gender of the name Leiothlypis is feminine" (Sangster 2008).
Var. Leiothylypis.

• Lucy Stone Brewer (1854-1921) daughter of US ornithologist Thomas Brewer (Amazilia).
• Marie-Mélanie Varenne née Foussadier (fl. 1926) first wife of Alexandre Claude Varenne, French Gov.-Gen. of Indochina (shortly after her death Varenne married her former companion Marguerite Migeot) (Martin Schneider in litt.) (subsp. Gampsorhynchus torquatus).
• Lucy Hunter Baird (1848-1913) daughter of US ornithologist Spencer Fullerton Baird (Leiothlypis, syn. Thalurania glaucopis).
• Lucy Ashton Boosey née Whitehead (1866-1941) sister of explorer John Whitehead and wife of music publisher Arthur Boosey (Mark Brown in litt.) (subsp. Otus spilocephalus).