Malabar Parakeet / Psittacula columboides

Malabar Parakeet / Psittacula columboides

Malabar Parakeet

SCI Name:  Psittacula columboides
Protonym:  Palaeornis columboides Zool.J. 5 p.274
Taxonomy:  Psittaciformes / Psittaculidae /
Taxonomy Code:  malpar1
Type Locality:  No locality; Aneichardi, Travancore, designated by Stuart Baker, Journ. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc, 28, 1922, p. 332.
Publish Year:  1830
IUCN Status:  


(Psittacidae; Ϯ Red-breasted Parakeet P. alexandri) Mod. L. psittacula  little parrot, parakeet  < dim. L. psittacus  parrot  < Gr. ψιττακος psittakos  parrot; "Perruches ...... Psittacula." (Cuvier 1800); "As an item of importance to extra-limital workers, I might notice that Opinion No. 39 legitimatises Cuvier's Psittacula, and this is quite different to the genus now so called and is antecedent to Palæornis. Thus Psittacula Cuvier was provided for Les Perruches, and as examples in the Leçons are cited P. alexandri and P. rufirostris. These, as understood by Cuvier, were congeneric and are typical Palæornis of Vigors. I have already indicated that Conurus Kuhl was typified by Lesson by Palæornis and should displace it. At the present time Psittacula Cuvier will replace Conurus, while Palæornis must altogether disappear.  Apparently for the South American Parrots now termed Psittacula, Boie's genus name Forpus will come into use" (Mathews 1917).
Var. Petacula.
Synon. Alexandrinus, Belocercus, Belurus, Himalayapsitta, Nicopsitta, Palaeornis, Sagittifer.
● (syn. Agapornis Ϯ Grey-headed Lovebird A. canus) "2. Perruche a teste Grise, BUFF. XI. p. 240.  Psittacula Madagascariensis, BRISS. Ornith. IV. p. 394. pl. XXX. 2.  LINN. Gen. o.  grey headed Parrakeet. LATH. birds I. p. 315. n. 122" (Boddaert 1783).
● (syn. Brotogeris Ϯ Plain Parakeet B. tirica) "LA PETITE PERRUCHE DU BRÉSIL.  ...  PSITTACULA BRASILIENSIS" (Brisson 1760); based on "Tui tirica" of de Laët 1633, Marcgrave 1648, Willughby 1676 and Ray 1713.
● (syn. Cyclorrhynchus Ϯ Parakeet Auklet C. psittacula) Specific name Alca psittacula Pallas, 1769; "Tablica L.  ...  {poteżnie ściśniony  {z gòry i z dołu wypukły, w pół háczykowaty.  3. Staryk.  Psittacula.   ...   RODZÀY III. (193.)   STARYK.  .PSITTACULA.   Parkittaucher, Niem.   ...   Dobrze rozróżnionych náleży do tego rodzaiu trzy gatunki (Alca Psittacula, Alca cristalla i Alca tetracula. GL.)" (Jarocki 1821) (Laurent Raty in litt.).
● (syn. Forpus Ϯ Green-rumped Parrotlet F. passerinus) "PSITTACULA.  Psittacula*,  Cuv., fide Ill. Prodr. Mamm. et Av. p. 200 (1811); Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. p. 8 (1820). . . .Type P. passerina.  ...  *Psittacula is often attributed to Brisson, who, however, did not use it generically" (Salvadori 1891).

Mod. L. psittacula  little parrot, parakeet  < dim. L. psittacus  parrot  < Gr. ψιττακος psittakos  parrot (cf. < dim. genus Psittacus Linnaeus, 1758, parrot).

● Specific name Charadrius columbinus Wagler, 1829 (= subsp. Charadrius leschenaultii); Gr. -οιδης -oidēs  resembling; "2507.  e. CIRREPIDESMUS, Bp. 1856.   9993. Geoffroyi, Wagl.; Kittl. Kupf. Vög.  t. 34. 2; Ibis, 1870, pl. 11.  Leschenaulti, Less.; asiaticus, Horsf.  rufinus, Bl.; columbinus, Hempr. & E.  columboides, Rchb.; hiaticula, Savign. Desc. de l'Egypte, t. 14. 1. gigas, Brehm.  'fuscus, Cuv.' Pucher." (G. Gray 1871) (syn. Charadrius leschenaultii).
● L. columba  dove; Gr. -οιδης -oidēs  resembling (i.e. dove-coloured, dove-grey); "PALÆORNIS COLUMBOIDES.  Bitorquatus Dorso; abdomineque imis, alis, caudaque supra viridibus; capite, pectore, dorso abdomineque summis plumbescenti-canis; torque collari superiore gracili, gulaque nigris: torque inferiore lata, fronte, regioneque circumoculari cærulescenti viridibus.   Magnitudo Palæornis Alexandri." (Vigors 1830) (Psittacula).