Mount Victoria Babax / Ianthocincla woodi

Mount Victoria Babax / Ianthocincla woodi

Mount Victoria Babax

SCI Name:  Ianthocincla woodi
Protonym:  Babax woodi J.Asiat.Soc.Bengal Vol. 71, Part 2, N° 3 p. 125 (in text), pl. VII
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Leiothrichidae /
Taxonomy Code:  chibub1
Type Locality:  Mount Victoria, Southern Chin Hills, Upper Burma.
Publish Year:  1902
IUCN Status:  


(syn. Garrulax Ϯ Spotted Laughingthrush G. ocellatus) Gr. ιονθος ionthos  young hair, down; Mod. L. cinclus  thrush  < Gr. κιγκλος kinklos  unidentified small waterside bird; "IANTHOCINCLA  ...  Typus genericus. Cinclosoma ocellatum, Vig.  Montium Himalayæ Incolæ.   The chief distinguishing characteristics of the genus Ianthocincla are the comparative length of the tarsus; the length of the hinder toe, and the great length of the claw by which it is terminated; the roundness, concavity, softness, and yielding character of the wings and tail; and the peculiar fullness, lightness, and downiness of the whole of the plumage, and particularly of that of the back and rump. The downy nature of the covering is alluded to in the generic name." (Gould 1835).   Var. Janthocincla, Xanthocincla, Yantocincla, Zanthocincla.

• Dr Casey Albert Wood (1856-1942) Canadian ophthalmologist, bibliophile, ornithologist (syn. Amazona finschi, syn. Grus canadensis, subsp. Hapalocrex flaviventer, subsp. Lalage maculosa).
• Capt. Leonard Wood, Jr. (1892-1931) US Army, son of Gov.-Gen. of Philippines (subsp. Cinnyris jugularis).
• Norman Asa Wood (1857-1943) US zoologist at Michigan University Mus. of Zoology 1895-1932 (syn. Dinopium benghalense tehminae).
• Col. Henry Wood (1872-1940) British Army surveyor in India (Garrulax, subsp. Trochalopteron chrysopterum).
• Maj.-Gen. Leonard Wood (1860-1927) US Army surgeon, Military Gov. of Cuba 1899-1902, Gov.-Gen. of Philippines 1906-1908 (Leonardina).
• William Watkins Wood (fl. 1875) US journalist in China, naturalist, plantation manager, pioneer photographer in the Philippines (subsp. Mixornis gularis).