Musk Lorikeet / Glossopsitta concinna

Musk Lorikeet / Glossopsitta concinna

Musk Lorikeet

SCI Name:  Glossopsitta concinna
Protonym:  Psittacus concinnus Nat.Misc. 3 pl.87,text
Taxonomy:  Psittaciformes / Psittaculidae /
Taxonomy Code:  muslor1
Type Locality:  'New Holland'' i.e. New South Wales.
Publish Year:  1791
IUCN Status:  


(Psittacidae; Musk Lorikeet G. concinna) Gr. γλωσσα glōssa  tongue; Mod. L. psitta  parrot  < Gr. ψιττακη psittakē  parrot; the brush-tipped tongue of the Musk Lorikeet is an adaptation to feeding on nectar and pollen; "76. GLOSSOPSITTA, Bp. — 308. Australis, Lath. (Concinnus, Shaw) — 309. Pusilla, Shaw. — 310. Porphyrocephalus, Diet." (Bonaparte 1854); "Glossopsitta Bonaparte, Rev. et Mag. Zool. (2), 6, 1854, p. 157.  Type, by subsequent designation, Psittacus australis Latham, not of Gmelin = Psittacus concinnus Shaw. (G. R. Gray, Cat. Gen. Subgen. Bds., 1855, p. 88)." (Peters, 1937, III, p. 157).
Var. Glossopsittacus, Glossoptilus
Synon. Centrourus, Glossiphus, Parvipsitta.

L. concinnus elegant, neat, pleasing.