Northern Catbird / Ailuroedus jobiensis

Northern Catbird / Ailuroedus jobiensis

Northern Catbird

SCI Name:  Ailuroedus jobiensis
Protonym:  Aeluroedus jobiensis Bull.Br.Orn.Club 4 p.26
Category:  Passeriformes / Ptilonorhynchidae /
Taxonomy Code:  norcat1
Type Locality:  'Jobi Island'', in error, probably for mainland of New Guinea east of Geelvink Bay.
Publish Year:  1895
IUCN Status:  


(Ptilonorhynchidae; Ϯ Green Catbird A. crassirostris) Gr. αιλουρος ailouros  cat; αοιδος aoidos or ωδος ōdos  singer  < αειδω aeidō  to sing;  "Cat-Bird of the Colonists of New South Wales  ...  In comparing it to the nightly concerts of the domestic cat, I conceive that I am conveying to my readers a more perfect idea of the note of this species than could be given by pages of description. This concert, is performed either by a pair or several individuals, and nothing more is required than for the hearer to shut his eyes to the surrounding foliage to fancy himself surrounded by London grimalkins of house-top celebrity." (Gould 1865); "Gen. PTILORHYNCHUS Kuhl 1820.*)  Atlasvogel   ...   *) Von Ptilorhynchus wird generisch zu trennen sein, nicht nur durch die, gerade zu dem Gattungsnamen widersprechende, fehlende Befiederung der Nasenlöcher, sondern auch durch mannigfache Abweichungen, z. B. in den Färbungsgesetzen und sicher in der Lebensweise:  Gen.  Ailuroedus nov. gen.  Katzenpirol. —  (Von αιλουρος, Katze und ωδος, Sänger.)   A. Smithi. — Ptilonorhynchus Smithii Vig. Horsf. Gould." (Cabanis 1853); "Ailuroedus Cabanis, 1851 [= 1853], Mus. Hein., 1, p. 213, note. Type, by monotypy, Ptilonorhynchus Smithii Vigors and Horsfield = Lanius crassirostris Paykull." (Mayr in Peters 1962, XV, p. 172).
Var. Aeluraedus, Aeluroedus.
Synon. Buccokitta, Chlorokitta, Kitta.

Jobi I. (= Japen), Geelvink Bay, New Guinea.
● Erroneous TL. Jobi I. (= mainland of New Guinea, east of Geelvink Bay) (Ailuroedus).