Purple Grenadier / Granatina ianthinogaster

Purple Grenadier / Granatina ianthinogaster

Purple Grenadier

SCI Name:  Granatina ianthinogaster
Protonym:  Uraeginthus ianthinogaster Orn.Centralbl. 4 p.114
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Estrildidae /
Taxonomy Code:  purgre2
Type Locality:  Massa [on lower Tana River] , East Africa.
Publish Year:  1879
IUCN Status:  


(Estrildidae; Ϯ Violet-eared Waxbill G. granatina) Specific name Fringilla granatina Linnaeus, 1766 (cf. dim. < Med. L. granatus  garnet); “h'. Tail longer than wing, exceeding it by less than length of tarsus.  ...  q". Inner secondaries not perceptibly elongated; second primary falcated.  42. GRANATINA, p. 403.   ...   42. GRANATINA*.  Range. Confined to South Africa.   1. Granatina granatina.  The Red and Blue Brasilian Finch, Edwards, Nat. Hist. B. iv. pl. 191 (1751).  Le Grenadin, Briss. Orn. iii. p. 216, pl. ix. fig. 3 (1760)   ...  *‘Granatinæ’ was the name proposed by Bonaparte for a section of the genus Estrelda (Consp. i. p. 458). It has been mentioned by several authors as a genus Granatina, and for that reason I retain the name, but it has never been described.” (Sharpe 1890); "Granatina1 Sharpe, 1890, Cat. Birds Brit. Mus., 13, p. [203 (in key),] 403. Type, by tautonymy, Fringilla granatina Linnaeus.  ...  1 "Granatinae" Bonaparte (1851?, Consp. Avium, 1 (1850), p. 458) is a vernacular name, and its appearance in the synonymy of Uraeginthus in G. R. Gray (1855, Cat. Genera Subgenera Birds, p. 76) does not make it available." (Traylor in Peters, 1968, XIV, p. 332).

● Med. L. granata or granatus  garnet; "les taches métalliques de ses ailes ressemblent à des grenats." (Bonaparte 1855) (syn. Columbina passerina albivitta).
● French grenadier  grenadier; ex “Brêve grenadin” of Temminck 1830 (Erythropitta).
● French grenadier  grenadier; ex “Red and Blue Brasilian Finch” of Edwards 1751, and “Grenadin” of Brisson 1760 (Granatina).

ianthinogaster / ianthinogastra
L. ianthinus  violet-blue  < Gr. ιανθινος ianthinos  violet-coloured  < ιον ion  violet; ανθος anthos  flower; gaster, gasteris  belly.