Red-collared Woodpecker / Picus rabieri

Red-collared Woodpecker / Picus rabieri

Red-collared Woodpecker

SCI Name:  Picus rabieri
Protonym:  Gecinus Rabieri Bull.Mus.Hist.Nat.Paris 4 p.12
Taxonomy:  Piciformes / Picidae /
Taxonomy Code:  recwoo2
Type Locality:  Chobon, Tonkin.
Publish Year:  1898
IUCN Status:  


(Picidae; Ϯ Eurasian Green Woodpecker P. viridis) L. picus  woodpecker (Roman myth. Picus, king of Latium who married the beauteous nymph and songstress Canens, and was changed into a woodpecker by the spiteful Circe, whose affections he had spurned); "54. PICUS.  Rostrum polyedrum, rectum: apice cuneato.  Nares pennis setaceis obtectæ.  Lingua teres, lumbriciformis, longissima, mucronata, apice retrorsum aculeata setis.   ...   Lingua Picorum & Jyngis inseritur fronti. Intestina cæcis carent.   ...   Pici Larvas insectorum lignum intus rodentium rostro fecante, sono terrefaciente, auditu percipiente: lingua acuta hastata intranse extrahunt, de qua Act. angl. 350. p. 509." (Linnaeus 1758); “The type of this Linnean genus has been fixed on various species out of the thirteen originally contained in it. Gray (List Gen. Bds. 1840, p. 54) selected major, Hargitt (Cat. Bds. B. M. xviii. 1890, p. 518) martius; but Swainson (Zool. Illustr. 1st ser. i. 1820, pl. 14), who appears to have been the first author to designate the type, made it viridis, and this the Committee believe should be accepted.” (BOU 1915);"Picus Linné, Syst. Nat., ed. 10, 1, 1758, p. 112. Type, by subsequent designation, Picus viridis Linné. (Swainson, Zool. Illustr., 1, 1820, text to pl. 4.)" (Peters 1948, VI, 130). Linnaeus's Picus comprised thirteen species (P. martius, P. principalis, P. pileatus, P. hirundinaceus, P. erythrocephalus, P. carolinus, P. viridis, P. benghalensis, P. semirostris, P. major, P. medius, P. minor, P. tridactylus). 
Var. Pigus.
Synon. Callolophus, Calopicus, Chrysopterus, Cirropicus, Poliopicus.
● (syn. Dendrocopos Ϯ Great Spotted Woodpecker D. major) (see above).
● (syn. Dryocopus Ϯ Black Woodpecker D. martius) (see above).

L. picus  woodpecker, a bird used in augury.
● ex “Talapiot de Cayenne” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 605, “Talapiot” of de Buffon 1770-1783, and “Climbing Oriole” of Latham 1782 (Dendroplex).
● ex “Piegrièche Rouge à Plastron Blanc” of Levaillant 1800, pl. 65 (artefact).

Gen. Charles Anselme Adolphe Rabier (1856-1924) French Army in North Africa and Indochina (Martin Schneider in litt.) (Picus).