Regent Honeyeater / Anthochaera phrygia

Regent Honeyeater / Anthochaera phrygia

Regent Honeyeater

SCI Name:  Anthochaera phrygia
Protonym:  Merops phrygius Zool.NewHolland 1 p.13 pl.4
Category:  Passeriformes / Meliphagidae /
Taxonomy Code:  reghon1
Type Locality:  Sydney, New South Wales.
Publish Year:  1794
IUCN Status:  


(Meliphagidae; Ϯ Little Wattlebird A. chrysoptera) Gr. ανθος anthos  flower, bloom; χαιρω khairō  to enjoy; "Genus. ANTHOCHÆRA *.   Rostrum elongatum, subattenuatum, subarcuatum; culmine ad basin subcarinato; mandibula superiori vix emarginata; naribus longitudinalibus, linearibus, membrana supra tectis, ad medium rostrum extendentibus ibique apertioribus.  Lingua ad apicem in setas plurimas divisa.  Alæ mediocres, rotundatæ; remige prima brevi secunda tertia parte longiori, tertia gradatim longiori, quarta quinta et sexta æqualibus longissimis; tertiæ ad septimam inclusam pogoniis externis in medio gradatim longioribus.  Cauda elongata, rotundata, vix gradata.  Pedes fortes, longitudine mediocres; acrotarsiis scutellatis, paratarsiis integris.   The strong, but at the same time lengthened and attenuated bill of this group, added to the size and powerful conformation of the species, distinguish it from the true Meliphaga. The lengthened and subgraduated tail also serves as a strong mark of distinction. The chief external characters of the group associate it with the Meliphagidæ, although upon a decided enlarged scale; and the tongue of one of the species, now before us, exhibits the filamentous formation peculiar to the Australian Honey-Eaters.  ...  1. CARUNCULATA.  ...  2. MELLIVORA.  ...  Le Goruck? Vieill. Ois. dor. ii. p. 126. pl. 88.   ...  The natives call it Coke'ran.  ...  3. PHRYGIA.*  ...*We take this opportunity of characterizing the following bird, which has been generally considered the young of Anth. carunculata, but which appears to us to be distinct.  ...  4. LEWINII.  ...  Memoriæ Domini JOANNIS GULIELMI LEWIN, peregrinatoris in Australia seduli sagacissimique   ...   * Aνθος flos, and χαιρω gaudeo" (Vigors & Horsfield 1827); "Anthochaera Vigors and Horsfield, 1827, Trans. Linn. Soc. London, 15, p. 320. Type, by subsequent designation (Gadow, 1884, Cat. Birds Brit.Mus., 9, p. 262), Certhia mellivora Latham = Merops chrysopterus Latham." (Salomonsen in Peters, 1967, XII, p. 444).   
Var. Acanthochaera (Gr. ακανθα akantha  spine, thorn).   
Synon. Anellobia, Coleavis, Coleia, Colena, Dyottornis, Melichaera, Zanthomiza.

L. Phrygius   Phrygian  < Phrygia  Phrygia, a country of Asia Minor whose inhabitants were skilled in embroidering with gold (syn. Anthochaera carunculataZanthomiza ("Embroidered Merops" (Shaw 1794))).