Strickland’s Woodpecker / Dryobates stricklandi

Strickland\'s Woodpecker / Dryobates stricklandi

Strickland's Woodpecker

SCI Name:  Dryobates stricklandi
Protonym:  Picus (Leuconotopicus) Stricklandi Rev.Zool. 8 p.373
Taxonomy:  Piciformes / Picidae /
Taxonomy Code:  strwoo
Type Locality:  Mexico, restricted to the Mt. Orizaba massif by Moore, 1946.
Publish Year:  1845
IUCN Status:  


(Picidae; Ϯ Downy Woodpecker D. pubescens) Gr. δρυς drus, δρυος druos  tree; βατης batēs  walker  < βατεω bateō  to tread  < βαινω bainō  to walk; "XXIX. Fam. Picidae  ...  Dryobates: Picus pubescens Gm. u. s. w." (Boie 1826); “In the 1st edition of the List and in the Cat. Birds B. M. the generic name Dendrocopus is used. This was first introduced by Koch [Dendrocopos 1816] ...  for the Spotted Woodpeckers. The same name, however, had previously been used by Vieillot [1816] ...  The type of Vieillot’s Dendrocopus is either “le Picucule” or “le Talapiot” of Daubenton, now known respectively as Dendrocolaptes certhia (Bodd.) and Dendroplex picus (Gmel.), both of which belong to the family Dendrocolaptidae. Dendrocopus cannot therefore be used for the Spotted Woodpeckers.” (BOU 1915); "Dryobates Boie, Isis von Oken, 1826, Bd. 2, col. 977. Type, by monotypy, Picus pubescens Linné." (Peters, 1948, VI, p. 180).
Synon. Hyloscopus.

Gr. δρυς drus, δρυος druos  tree; βατης batēs  walker  < βατεω bateō  to tread  < βαινω bainō  to walk.

stricklandi / stricklandii
Hugh Edwin Strickland (1811-1853) British geologist, zoologist, co-ordinator of the Strickland Code, 1842 (?syn. Apalis rufogularis, syn. Ardenna grisea, syn. Cercomela tractrac albicans, Chrysocolaptes, syn. Fulica leucoptera, Gallinago, subsp. Kittacincla malabaricaLeuconotopicus, subsp. Lophostrix cristata, subsp. Loxia curvirostra (ex Loxia mexicana Strickland, 1851)).