Tabora Cisticola / Cisticola angusticauda

Tabora Cisticola / Cisticola angusticauda

Tabora Cisticola

SCI Name:  Cisticola angusticauda
Protonym:  Cisticola augusticauda J.Orn. 39 p.69
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Cisticolidae /
Taxonomy Code:  tabcis1
Type Locality:  Gonda ( = Igonda, Ugunda), Tabora district, Tanganyika.
Publish Year:  1891
IUCN Status:  


(Cisticolidae; Zitting Cisticola C. juncidis cisticola) Gr. κιστις kistis  little basket  < dim. κιστη kistē  basket; L. -cola  dweller  < colere  to dwell (cf. specific name Sylvia cisticola Temminck, 1820 (= subsp. Cisticola juncidis)); the Zitting Cisticola, formerly known as Fan-tailed Warbler, is the only European member of this wide-ranging Old World, predominantly Afrotropical, genus of small monomorphic warblers; “2. Sylvia cisticola.   ...   2. Zistensänger. Cisticola.   E[ntwickelung]. Wie gewöhnlich.  Ch[arakter]. Kleine Oleandersänger mit hellrostfarbigem, schwarz geflecktem Rücken.  L[ebensart]. Sie leben wie die übrigen Rohrsänger, bauen aber ein trichterförmiges Nest ins hohe Gras.” (Kaup 1829); "Cisticola Kaup, 1829, Skizzirte Entwickelungs-Geschichte Europäisch. Thierwelt, p. 119.  Type, by tautonymy, Sylvia cisticola Temminck." (Traylor in Peters, 1986, XI, p. 84).
Var. Cisiticola.
Synon. Calamanthella, Cistodyta, Drymodyta, Drymodytops, Dryodromas, Hemipteryx, Merion, Neocisticola, Nephelicola, Pseudhemipteryx, Rhathymodyta, Tachydyta, Threnetes, Threnodyta, Threnodytops, Threnolais.

Gr. κιστις kistis  little basket  < dim. κιστη kistē  basket; L. -cola dweller < colere to dwell.

angusticauda / angusticaudus
L. angustus  narrow; cauda  tail.
● "Cisticola angusticauda  ...  Not a Cisticola, despite its likeness of size and general coloration to Cisticola fulvicapilla muelleri.  Note in angusticauda, the steeply graduated tail of long, narrow feathers; outer remiges narrowed terminally; first primary very short and needle-pointed; bill straighter, &c., characters which relate it more nearly to Apalis and allies." (Lynes 1930) (Cisticola).