Yellow-throated Hanging-Parrot / Loriculus pusillus

Yellow-throated Hanging-Parrot / Loriculus pusillus

Yellow-throated Hanging-Parrot

SCI Name:  Loriculus pusillus
Protonym:  Loriculus pusillus ListBirdsBrit.Mus. pt3 sect.2 p.54
Taxonomy:  Psittaciformes / Psittaculidae /
Taxonomy Code:  ythpar1
Type Locality:  
Publish Year:  1859
IUCN Status:  


(Psittacidae; Ϯ Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot L. galgulus) Dim. < genus Lorius auct. (= Larius Boddaert, 1783 = Eclectus Wagler, 1832), parrot (cf. dim. < genus Lorius Vigors, 1825, lory; dim. L. lorica  breastplate; "uropygio pectoreque coccineis" (Linnaeus 1758)); "No. 1820. LORICULUS ASIATICUS; Psittacus asiaticus, Latham, and Ps. indicus, Gmelin,—both founded on Edwards, pl. 6, which is a good representation. The names, however, are bad, as the race would seem to be wholly confined to Ceylon: while L. vernalis inhabits all India, and the countries bordering the eastern shores of the Bay of Bengal, as far as the Tenasserim provinces where it abounds, and also Java; whereas in the Malayan peninsula there appears only to be L. galgulus.  L. asiaticus differs from L. vernalis in having the crown deep red, passing to a saffron hue on the nape, and in some specimens over much of the back; while the fore-part of the neck is tinged more or less deeply with verditer.  The nearest affinity of these Loricules is with the genus Eclectus; and there are other species in the Philippines and probably the south of China." (Blyth 1849); "Genus. LORICULUS, Blyth.   12. L. GALGULUS (Edwards, pl. 293, f. 2).  ...  Serindak, Sindada, Malacca; Serindit, Sumatra (Raffles)   ...   13. L. VERNALIS (Swainson's Zool. Ill., 2d series, pl. I).  ...  Latkan ('pendent'), Hind., Bengal; Bhorá or Bhoárá, S. India (Jerdon); Kyai-tha-da, Arakan (Phayre); Silindit, and Silinditum, Java (Horsfield)  ...  14. L. ASIATICUS (Edwards, pl. 6)  ...  Pol-Girawa, Cingh." (Blyth 1850); "Loriculus Blyth, Journ. As. Soc. Bengal, 19, 1850, p. 236. Type, by monotypy, Psittacus galgulus Linné." (Peters 1937, III, 256); "LORICULUS Blyth, 1849  M— Psittacus galgulus Linnaeus, 1758; type by subsequent designation (G. R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 88)." (Dickinson & Remsen (eds.) 2013, 384).
Synon. Coryllis, Licmetulus, Psittaculus.

pusillum / pusillus
L. pusillus  tiny, very small  < dim. pusus  little boy  < puer  boy.
● ex “Chevechette” of Levaillant 1799, pl. 46 (syn. Glaucidium passerinum).
● ex “Petit Guêpier du Sénégal” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 318 (Merops).
● ex “Barbion” of Levaillant 1806 (Pogoniulus).
● ex "Lesser Black Promerops" of Latham 1822 (syn. Scoptelus aterrimus).
● ex “Sucrion” of Levaillant 1812, pl. 298 (Cinnyris artefact).