Flamecrest / Regulus goodfellowi

Flamecrest / Regulus goodfellowi


SCI Name:  Regulus goodfellowi
Protonym:  Regulus goodfellowi Bull.Br.Orn.Club 16 p.122
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Regulidae /
Taxonomy Code:  flamec1
Type Locality:  Mt. Morrison, central Formosa; altitude 9,000-10,000 feet.
Publish Year:  1906
IUCN Status:  


(Regulidae; Ϯ Goldcrest R. regulus) Specific name Motacilla regulus Linnaeus, 1758; "Roitelets . . . Regulus" (Cuvier 1800); "Dans la tradition nordique, le roitelet (le plus petit des oiseaux) est le druide des oiseaux. Ce term de petit roi n'est donc pas une moquerie, il correspond à une vieille tradition celtique. Le première mention de ce mot pour désigner un oiseau remonte au début du XIIe siècle" (Cabard & Chauvet 2003); "Regulus Cuvier, 1800, Leçons Anatomie Comparée, 1, table 2. Type, by monotypy and tautonymy, "Roitelets" = Motacilla regulus Linnaeus." (Watson in Peters 1986, XI, 286). This genus formerly included the reguline leaf-warblers Phylloscopus.
Var. Regillus (L. regillus  royal, regal  < regius  royal).
Synon. Calendula, Corthylio, Ocelletus, Orchilus, Regaliolus, Rex, Senator.
● (syn. Regulus Ϯ Ruby-crowned Kinglet R. calendula) "Regulus BARTRAM, Travels through Carolina, etc., 1791, p.—  ...  Type, Motacilla calendula LINNAEUS (Present designation.)3   ...   2 Seven species of Regulus are enumerated by Bartram in 1791, but only one is technically available as type at this date. This is "R. cristatus alter vertice rubini coloris; the ruby crown wren. (G. Edwards.)", or Motacilla calendula Linnaeus. Edwards figured and described this species from a specimen sent to him by Bartram.   ...   3 There appear to be excellent generic differences between Motacilla calendula and M. regulus, as long ago recognized by Cabanis, who, in 1853, proposed the name Corthylio for M. calendula. This genus has been recently revived by Mr. Miller (Auk, vol. 32, 1915, pp. 234-236), but from the above reference to Regulus it will be seen that Motacilla regulus is the species to be provided with a generic name." (Richmond 1917). 

L. regulus  prince, kinglet  < dim. rex, regis  king  < regere  to rule.
● "15. TROCHILUS (LOPHORNIS) REGULUS.  Troch. plumis in vertice castaneo-fuscis valde elongatis, acuminatis, ad apices viridibus  ...  This beautiful species is nearly allied to the T. ornata and T. magnifica, but differs from them in the lesser development of the feathers of the sides of the neck and in the greater size of the crest, which is more largely developed than in any other species known." (Gould 1846) (syn. Lophornis delattrei).
● "99. MOTACILLA.  ...  Regulus. 30. M. remigibus secundariis exteriori margine flavis, medio albis. Fn. svec. 235.  Regulus cristatus. Will. orn. 163. t. 41.  Raj. av. 79. n. 9.  Alb. av. I. p. 51. t. 53.  Aldr. orn. l. 17. c. 1.  Frisch. av. . t. 24. f. 4.  Catesb. car. 3. p. 13. t. 13.   Habitat in Europa." (Linnaeus 1758) (Regulus).

Walter Goodfellow (1866-1953) English explorer, ornithologist, collector in Colombia, Ecuador, New Guinea, the Philippines and Taiwan (Brachypteryx, syn. Casuarius bennetti westermanni, syn. Ceyx margarethae, Cicinnurus regius x Diphyllodes magnificus, syn. Eos bornea, syn. Erythrura trichroa sigillifera, Heleia, syn. Pheugopedius euophrys longipes, subsp. Pitta novaeguineae, Regulus, syn. Strix albitarsis, subsp. Turdus ignobilis, Vauriella).