Masked Fruiteater / Pipreola pulchra

Masked Fruiteater / Pipreola pulchra

Masked Fruiteater

SCI Name:  Pipreola pulchra
Protonym:  Euchlornis pulchra Verh.Orn.Ges.Bayern 13 Heft2 p.199
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Cotingidae /
Taxonomy Code:  masfru1
Type Locality:  
Publish Year:  1917
IUCN Status:  


(Cotingidae; Ϯ Fiery-throated Fruiteater P. chlorolepidota) Dim. < genus Pipra Linnaeus, 1764, manakin; "222. SUBGEN. PIPREOLA.   SUBGEN. CHARACTER. — Wings moderate; the primaries not narrowed: tarsus shorter than the middle toe; lateral toes nearly equal, the inner being scarcely shorter than the outer; inner, cleft to the base; outer toe connected to the middle only as far as the first joint: tail very short.  The peculiar structure of the feet in this bird, so different from that of the typical Pipræ, induces me to consider it as the type of one of the subgenera.  ...   PIPREOLA chlorolepidota.  ...   I doubt not that this is the representation of the genus Ptilochloris, in the neighbouring circle of Vereoinæ [sic]" (Swainson 1838); “Swainson, in defining this genus (in his treatment, a subgenus), distinguished it from ‘the typical Piprae’ (manakins) by the structure of the foot; it seems that he coined a name that was simply a variation on Pipra in order to indicate affinity.” (Snow 1982); "Pipreola Swainson, 1837, Anim. Menag. (Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia, 98), p. 357. Type, by monotypy, Pipreola chlorolepidota Swainson." (Snow in Peters 1979, VIII, 286).   
Var. Pipreolo.
Synon. Euchlornis, Pyrrhorhynchus.

L. pulcher, pulchra beautiful.
● ex “Rufous-headed Rail” of Latham, 1824 (Sarothrura).