Relict Gull / Ichthyaetus relictus

Relict Gull / Ichthyaetus relictus

Relict Gull

SCI Name:  Ichthyaetus relictus
Protonym:  Larus melanocephalus relictus Ark.Zool. 23B no.2 p.2,5
Taxonomy:  Charadriiformes / Laridae /
Taxonomy Code:  relgul2
Type Locality:  Tsondol, on the Etsingol, southern Gobi.
Publish Year:  1931
IUCN Status:  


Gr. ιχθυς ikhthus  fish; αετος aetos  eagle.

● (syn. Ichthyophaga Ϯ Grey-headed Fish Eagle I. ichthyaetus) Specific name Falco ichthyaetus Horsfield, 1821; "3. Untergeschlecht. Sperberaare, Ichthyaëtus *), Lafr. (humilis, Müller, ichthyaëtus, Horsf.)  ...  *) Der Name Ichthyaëtus ist hier besser angewandt, als ich ihn bei den Möven gebrauchte" (Kaup 1844) (see Ichthyetus).   Var. Ichthyiaetus, Ichtyaetos.
● (syn. Larus Ϯ Great Black-headed Gull L. ichthyaetus) Specific name Larus ichthyaetus Pallas, 1773; "Rabenmöve. Ichthyaëtus.  E[ntwickelung]. Wie bei Larus.  Ch[arakter]. Riesenmäßige Krähenmöven.  L[ebensart]. Hierin gleichen sie den Krähenmöven; sind aber mehr räuberischer Natur" (Kaup 1829); given in allusion to the predatory habits of the Great Black-headed Gull. In Kaup's list this entry was followed by that of "Rabe. Corvus".  Var. Ichthaetus.
● (syn. Pandion Ϯ Osprey P. haliaetus) Gr. ιχθυς ikhthus, ιχθυος ikhthuos  fish; αετος aetos  eagle; "Common Osprey, Ichthyaëtus piscivorus.‡  ...  ‡ Here the fish-eating is given both as a general and specific character, which is decidedly objectionable.—ED." (Sweeting 1837) (OD per Björn Bergenholtz).   Var. Icthyaetus, Ichthyaeetus, Ichthiyaetus, Ichtyaetos.

relicta / relictus
L. relictus  relict, isolated  < relinquere  to leave behind.
● The Slate-blue Seedeater of central Mexico was originally described in Amaurospizopsis, but allied to Amaurospiza of the distant rain-forests of Panama (Amaurospiza).
● The Relict Gull was described from the Mongolian Gobi as an isolated subsp. of the Mediterranean Gull Larus melanocephalus (Larus).
● The Alpine form of the Northern Nutcracker was considered specifically distinct, but allied to the form from Scandinavia (syn. Nucifraga nucifraga).
● This form of the MountainTailorbird is restricted to an isolated area of montane forest on Peleng in the Banggai group, Indonesia (subsp. Phyllergates cucullatus).