White-throated Blue Swallow / Hirundo nigrita

White-throated Blue Swallow / Hirundo nigrita

White-throated Blue Swallow

SCI Name:  Hirundo nigrita
Protonym:  Hirundo nigrita Gen.Birds 1 pl.XX
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Hirundinidae /
Taxonomy Code:  wtbswa1
Type Locality:  no locality = Niger River.
Publish Year:  1845
IUCN Status:  


(Hirundinidae; Ϯ Barn Swallow H. rustica) L. hirundo, hirundinis  swallow; "101. HIRUNDO.  Rostrum minimum, incurvum, subulatum, basi depressum.  Rictus capite amplius." (Linnaeus 1758). “The type of this Linnean genus has always been a somewhat difficult question to decide. The genus contains eight species, of which the first-named is “rustica,” the Swallow, and this was made the type of the genus by Gray [1840] ...  Stejneger (Proc. U. S. National Mus. v. 1883, p. 31) first drew attention to the fact that Forster [1817] ...  used urbica (House-Martin) in conjunction with Hirundo, and rustica (Swallow) with Chelidon, a genus there first named, and he considered this to constitute a designation of the type by Forster ...  After careful consideration of the matter, the Committee are of opinion that Forster’s use of Hirundo in conjunction with urbica hardly constitutes designation as understood under the code of International Rules, and that Hirundo rustica is the correct type of the Linnean genus” (BOU 1915); "Hirundo Linnaeus, 1758, Syst. Nat., ed. 10, 1, p. 191. Type, by subsequent designation, Hirundo rustica Linnaeus (G. R. Gray, 1840, List Gen. Birds, p. 8.)." (Peters, 1960, IX, p. 104). Linnaeus's Hirundo comprised eight species (H. rustica, H. esculenta, H. urbica, H. riparia, H. Apus, H. Subis, H. pelagica, H. Melba).
Var. Hirunda.
Synon. Charitochelidon, Chelidon, Hemicecrops, Herse, Hersepis, Hypurolepis, Natalornis, Setirundo, Uromitus, Waldenia.

L. hirundo, hirundinis  swallow.
● "70. STERNA.  ...  Hirundo.  2. S. cauda forficata: rectricibus duabus extimis albo nigroque dimidiatis. Fn. svec. 127.  Sterna. Gesn. av. 53. Aldr. orn. l. 19. c. 7. Jonst. av. 130. t. 46.  Hirundo marina. Will. orn. 268. t. 68. Raj. av. 131. Alb. av. 2. p. 79. t. 90.  Habitat in Europa.  Mas & Femina indissolubiles socii monogami." (Linnaeus 1758); “Prof. Einar Lönnberg (Ibis, 1913, p. 301) has gone carefully into the question whether S. hirundo Linn. should be applied to the Common or to the Arctic Tern. He has given good reasons for referring it to the former species, and the Committee have accepted his decision” (BOU 1915) (Sterna).

(Estrildidae; Ϯ Grey-headed Nigrita N. canicapillus) Mod. L. nigritus  black  < L. nigritia  black colour, blackness  < niger  black; "NIGRITA FUSCONOTUS.  ...  Mr. Fraser stated it as his opinion that the bird above described belonged to the Fringillidæ.  It certainly appertains to the genus characterized by Mr. Strickland in the 'Proceedings' for April 1841, p. 30, under the title Æthiops. This genus was founded upon a bird (Æthiops canicapillus) also from Fernando Po, specimens of which Mr. Fraser had obtained and exhibited to the Meeting.  Finding the generic name Æthiops had been previously used for a genus of Monkeys, Mr. Fraser had been requested by Mr. Strickland to substitute for it the new generic title Nigrita. The species described by the gentleman last mentioned will therefore stand as Nigrita canicapillus, Strickl." (Strickland in Fraser 1843); "Nigrita Strickland, in Fraser, 1843, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1842, p. 145. New name for Aethiops Strickland, 1841 (Oct.), preoccupied by Aethiops Martin, 1841 (before Oct.). Type, by monotypy, Aethiops canicapillus Strickland." (Traylor in Peters 1968, XIV, 308-309) (see Aethiops).
Synon. Aethiops, Atopornis, Percnopis.

Mod. L. nigritus  black  < L. nigritia  black colour, blackness  < niger  black.