Yellow-footed Honeyguide / Melignomon eisentrauti

Yellow-footed Honeyguide / Melignomon eisentrauti

Yellow-footed Honeyguide

SCI Name:  Melignomon eisentrauti
Protonym:  Melignomon eisentrauti Rev.Zool.Afr. 95 p.131
Taxonomy:  Piciformes / Indicatoridae /
Taxonomy Code:  yefhon2
Type Locality:  
Publish Year:  1981
IUCN Status:  


(Indicatoridae; Ϯ Zenker's Honeyguide M. zenkeri) Gr. μελι meli,  μελιτος melitos  honey; γνωμων gnōmōn, γνωμονος gnōmonos  guide, inspector  < γιγνωσκω gignōskō  to determine; "Melignomon n. g. Indicatoridarum.  12 Schwanzfedern wie bei Indicator, aber Schnabel dünn und spitz wie bei Prodotiscus.  —  Typus: Melignonom zenkeri Rchw." (Reichenow 1898).

Prof. Dr Martin Eisentraut (1902-1994) German zoologist, collector in West Africa (subsp. Estrilda nonnula, Melignomon (Peter Colston (pers. comm.) had intended to name the Yellow-footed Honeyguide ‘Melignomon serlei’ after Dr William Serle, the Scottish ornithologist who collected the first specimen, but generously sent a copy of his paper, “to Dr. M. Louette in October 1980, shortly after it had been submitted for publication. Dr. Louette has since seen fit to describe the new honeyguide without informing us of his intention ... His paper came to hand while this one was in proof and it has been possible to do little more than delete the proposed name and substitute eisentrauti for it in the text and table” (Colston 1981). “Before describing the taxon, M. Louette had offered to send [the holotype] to the British Museum (Natural History) in order to enlarge the existing material for comparison. However, this offer was declined, despite the intension [sic] of a possible co-authorship” (Louette et al. 2010)) (see serlei)).